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Côté Soleil Owner to Open Another French Restaurant in East Elmhurst This Summer

The owner of Côté Soleil will open another French restaurant in East Elmhurst this summer. (Photo: Nathaly Pesantez)

June 13, 2018 By Nathaly Pesantez

The owner of a French restaurant on Skillman Avenue is expanding business, with plans to open a new French restaurant with a different concept in the East Elmhurst-Jackson Heights area.

Vincent Caro, who opened Côté Soleil in 2016, is working on opening “Eloise,” the name of his new bistro, some time in mid-August at the Jackson Heights Shopping Center, located at 75-57 31st Ave.

Caro said the restaurant, named after his two-year-old daughter, will be distinct from the Sunnyside eatery, as it focuses on traditional French cuisine with a modern take.

The restaurateur says his experience so far with Côté Soleil has been great, and that the opportunity to expand came very suddenly.

The new restaurant will be at a former nail salon site at a corner of the shopping complex. (Google Maps)

“It made sense for the restaurant to be there,” Cote said. He currently lives with his family in Jackson Heights, the same neighborhood where his wife was born and raised. “There’s a distance between them, but I don’t think it makes sense to have an identical restaurant.”

Naming the restaurant after his daughter came naturally, but Caro still tried to come up with a name that played on “Jackson Heights” in the same way Côté Soleil translates to “sunny side” in French. “Nothing nice was coming up,” he said.

The rustic restaurant will seat about 25 people, and features an extensive wine list Caro is still working on perfecting. Appetizers will range from $7 to $12, while main meals will be between $15 and $25.

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Judy Nemzer

Looking forward to a new cuisine in Jackson Hts/Elmhurst. Nothing wrong with expanding tastes (America the varied). I’m not a yuppy, lived in Jckson Hts for 13 years, respected the history and cuisine of the neighborhood but love the variety…Turkish or Greek for lunch on Qns Blvd, Greek in this shopping ctr, Italian or Hispanic along No. Blvd. This owner sounds like he’s trying to do a good job, using his skills to develop something interesting, not just ‘gentrified.’ Let’s not kill the spirit before we try it. Jackson Hts has fought development seriously (unlike Sunnyside, etc, where people were barely aware), but growth and new experiences are the spice of life!

Fan of doughboy park

I’m with Rob. No new restaurants! Give me a good old corporate horsemeat sandwich and a cup of sludge.


And where do you think he gets the food from maybe it’s”Organic” you should talk to people involved in that scam.

Sunnysider on Skillman

I have had many amazing meals at Coteil Soleil! The service is terrific!

try google translate

>Caro still tried to come up with a name that played on “Jackson Heights” in the same way Côté Soleil translates to “sunny side” in French. “Nothing nice was coming up,” he said.

Except for “Hauteurs du Jackson”? Is he really French? He probably named it after his daughter so she would love him more than her mom.

First Name

Jacques could have worked… but who really cares?! A bunch of trolls on these sights and its really a reflection on the commenters. Best of luck Vin!

Corrupt DeBlasio's Homeless Hotel

People who complain about gentrification have never taken a basic economics class and will never understand that they can’t do anything about it. If you don’t like it, move to a different neighborhood like Brownsville or East New York. I heard they don’t like gentrification there.


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