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Cops Seek Thug Who Punched a No.7 Train Rider

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May 12, 2013 Staff Report

A subway rider contacted the police about a horrifying attack he/she witnessed on the No. 7 train last week, and now the police are searching for the assailant.

According to police, the incident took place on a Queens bound train on Sunday, May 5 at about 1 a.m. In the video, an unidentified man punches a victim and then leaves the train at 69th Street.

The suspect is described as approximately 5’9″, 180 lbs with brown eyes and long black hair with a pony tail. He was wearing a dark T-shirt and blue jeans.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477).

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How is this a crime? If there was anyone in the world I wanted to punch me in the face it would be this guy..I’ve never seen worse form in throwing a punch….scumbag hits like a girly man


86mets made good points and so did sunnysideposthatesme. this is not about “race”. This is about crime and criminals. Catch them before somebody gets killed!


Capricorn, wasn’t there something on the news that there was a band of vigilantes in NYC subways walking around defending people? I saw the clip before evening news starts, but did not watch the whole thing, it was channel 2 I believe.

SPhatesme’s one of the good posts in a while, totally agree, no cameras, no posts or signs anywhere about this, nothing.. Is it possible this was a fight between friends? WHO is the person that got slugged?

Read the post.. “rider who WITNESSED” reported, not the person who was attacked… So, I am about to leave this as one scum straightening out another scum. If that is the case, let them be. Who is the victim, did he even file a report?


Clearly Mon amie, you have the chops to solve this one. The cops need your help to solve this case. How can you waste such talents by reclining on your arm chair?
While you are at it… can you help solve the rispoli case?


Fact: 7 train has NO cameras anywhere.

Fact: if you take the 7 train at night or any train, take something to defend yourself with.

Fact: MTA loves to lock the trains making them moving coffins

Fact: 86Mets is not racist, just stupid.



Oh please, put away the race card and the juvenile sarcasm.

I was just going by what I observed in the video. It’s seems obvious these two were working together. I can’t help the fact that one of the men involved was black. I guess in your p.c. addled mind, pointing out an observable fact is somehow a blanket criticism of an entire race. I believe you’re projecting your own racist feelings onto others. Keep your liberal white guilt to yourself.


he looked like he was drunk….staggered a little before he threw the punch…another brave drunk thinking he can fight the world….idiot…hope they catch him.


O’shea,. Don’t be mad cause white kids deny there Whiteness. Your a Dinosaur and a scared punk ass at that.


Good question: why aren’t there any signs up around the neighborhood?
I heard about this on NY1. Nothing said on Twitter by NYPD or NYC Transit.
Is there a reward? The images are clear enough so that someone should recognize him.
Kudos to whoever took the video although that was risky.
1 am isn’t that late. A lot of people are out at that hour.

Local Hamburglar


I’m happy I bothered to read your entire comment. It’s incredibly unsettling how closed minded and hateful some of our neighbors are. I can understand that interaction with other races or religions was limited for many of Sunnyside’s older residents. I remember a lot of racial slurs being thrown around on the polling line this year at PS 150. Also, I’d have to go with gang init on this too.


Yes he is with the black guy, who will soon initiate him into a mixed race gang. Black people are never up to any good. Especially at 1 am. The black guy must be remotely controling him. He couldn’t help himself.
Like last night i was on the train when four “Huge” black guys walked into the train. Boy they were up to no good. Till you realized that they were coming back from a late shift at mcdonalds.
Lets lock up every black man. That way America will be crime free.


The puncher is definitely with the black guy standing up. Webley’s first impression is probably correct. Some sort of gang initiation or a dare.

I hope they catch both scumbags.


First assignment for a gang? Was he with someone else, watching him do this? He seem to be looking back and forth between some people. NYPD is really slow when it comes to things like this, this should have been posted on the subway with him on wanted poster, and I am sure there are cameras on/around 69th station.

Remember people, just ignore these bastards if there is any confrontation, if possible move to a car where conductor is if he doesn’t leave you alone, and ask him to request transit cops in one of the upcoming stations. I know people like those last cars on 7 train, but those are probably the worst places to be in late hours.


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