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Cops Search For Armed Robbers


June 15, 2013 Staff Report

The police are searching for a pair of armed thieves who robbed two Queens businesses.

On June 7, the men entered a business located at 39-45 43rd Ave. about 7:30 p.m., displayed a handgun and demanded money from employees, according to the NYPD.

Three days later, the two men did the same again—this time at 11 a.m. inside a business at 154-11 Horace Harding Expressway, cops said.

The police published a photo of one of the alleged perpetrators (see left).

Those with information should contact NYPD’s Crimestoppers by calling 1-800-577-TIPS (8477

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I agree, 43rd. Every store needs cameras- if crooks knew this, I think they would think twice. And I’m sure the 108th could use improvement, but there is so much criticism towards them that I think it only decreases any real dialogue between cops & the community. Furthemore, when every remark towards the cops is a derogatory insult, we can’t expect them to show us respect and concern above & beyond what they’re paid for. Everyone should be involved in maintaining law & order- shopkeepers, pedestrians, building owners, block commitees, the police, and so on. We all need to keep our ears & eyes open and not just rely on the police force. I like the idea of street cams, especially around schools & intersections. There should be cameras under & around the 7 train, and also in the parks- where passed-out drunks should be discouraged, not tolerated.

43rd & 43rd

“Stores need to take some responsibility”? Where do you think the photo in the article is from? Or should every bodega have a security guard at their door 24/7? It is reasonable to have some expectations of the police . . .

Sunnyside in general is safe because most people here are civilized and law-abiding. Not because the 108 do a great job. When someone does commit a crime, too often they get away with it (Rispoli, car tires stolen, woman found in a trunk, you name it). Of course no police force is perfect, but it seems like the 108 has plenty of room for improvement. I think the precinct is just way too large and too densely populated nowadays.


7000 police officers- sounds very expensive. There are already cameras around; stores need to takes some responsibility, too. I don’t have facts or figures, but my impression is that crime is NOT out of control and that law & order is prevalent here in Sunnyside. A successful community needs cooperation and respect. Simple criticism is not a solution. Who would be paying for all of these additional cops? Is that really the best way to spend our tax dollars?

Just Asking

BTW those 7,000 or so police officers would translate into about 12 officers per shift in every precinct in the city 24/7. I am sure there are shifts when the 108 turns out less than 12 uniformed officers.

Just Asking

@All of Y’all
The breadth of your knowledge re: the NYPD is truly underwhelming. What exactly is a “subdivision”? “More hands on”? Do you mean like stopping and questioning suspicious persons? School-based license plate reading only cameras? I can hear the rustle of the ACLU legal pads already! Ask Mike and Christine what happened to the 7,000 or so police officers that were not replaced on during Mike’s THREE terms. Maybe they were assigned to a subdivision somewhere.


I think this site gets less comments on weekends, but not sure. It was posted sometime Saturday. It’s Sunday night as I write, I’m just looking at it now. Anyway, I frequent this store, recognized it right away. I am not sure if PS 150 has outside cameras or not. I agree with webly re: more patrol needed.

Community Council Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month. The meetings are held at 7:00 P.M. at Sunnyside Community Services, 43-31 39th Street 1st Floor, Sunnyside, 11104. All members of the community are welcome.

So that is June 25th


At circle K. Couldn’t agree more with u. I guess all the people who knock Sunnyside on this site don’t hav an opinion on this topic. They are probably in their caves planning what to complain about next. My famous line s stand up and b heard. Go to the local community meetings and tell the 108 what needs to b done to keep our community safe. Cameras are a major deterrent to stop crime. Nowadays it should b mandatory to hav them in every apt building,store and on all streets.


We need more and better cameras!! I buy from this store a lot. I live at the corner. Cameras deter. This cannot happen againin Sunnyside. I am only the 4th person commenting on this? People don’t care then well, hey, lets welcome more violence, right? Go to the next community board hearing and demand more!!! Lets talk about a camera fund. We need more cams!! Sure, wear a cap or hood to conceal yourselft, but you drove in on something.

THERE SHOULD BE A FEDERAL LAW THAT REQUIRES AT LEAST ONE CAMERA AT EVERY CORNER TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL. Those cameras should record every license plate that passes. NSA would do it, why not the NYPD?

Cameras are like speed bumps, but the do more than just deter speeders… They put criminals behind bars.


well certain colors are not normally seen in that area so when 1 shows up keep a close eye on them


The only time I see police in Sunnyside is when they’re getting Sunnyside Pizza.


Need more patrol in this area, PERIOD!
I have nothing against 108 like some people here, they are responsive when there is something going on, but they need to be more hands on, get to know the neighborhood, merchants, and more. Just be in the neighborhood more often, if you are too busy request a sub division to handle Sunnyside, this is a big community and we need more patrol running more frequently, either on foot, or on wheels.


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