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Constant Noise Plagues Many Sunnyside Gardens Residents

July 26, 2013 By Christian Murray

Many Sunnyside Gardens residents are sick of hearing constant drilling and construction noise stemming from the MTA’s East Side Access Project–a project that will connect LIRR trains to the Grand Central Terminal when completed.

Tomorrow, several of these residents will be joining Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer for a press conference to demand that the MTA lower the noise during construction.

“Residents of Sunnyside are suffering from on-going and deafening noise pollution,” according to a statement issued by Van Bramer. The residents–many who live near Barnett Avenue– are also claiming that the industrial drilling associated with the East Side Access Project is causing structural damage to their houses.

The press conference has been scheduled to take place at 10:30 am, Saturday, July 27, at the intersection of 45th Street and Barnett Avenue.

During the press conference attendees will be able to experience the noise levels for themselves.

According to the MTA, the noise produced at the site complies with New York City guidelines for construction. However, Van Bramer claims that a recent noise report he received identified several instances (just last week) when noise levels exceeded 100 decibels–well over the approved guidelines.

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new to sunnyside

Doesnt JVB live in sunnyside gardens?? Of course he will lead the pack complaining

Mike Novak

All this construction to appease a bunch of spoiled “Loonnng Oy-Laaandahs” who are too lazy to catch the train at Penn Station!

Hoof Hearted

Thanks Krissi, it’s so much better than its previous name, Slumlord and Taylor.


Hoof Hearted

“Don’t go dissin’ the ABC store, or as I like to call it, Saks Greenpoint Avenue.”

Omg I love you so much for this! Hehehehe!

43rd & 43rd

Is this the source of the “gunshots” we’ve heard late at night? Or are those actual gunshots?


I’m so sick and tired of hearing people whine everytime there is construction taking place near their homes. It’s called progress. If you don’t like the noise then move.

But you live in NYC, noise sort of comes with the territory and an $8+ billion project is not going to come to a grinding halt because some crybabies think it’s too loud.


……this horrendous noise at all hours of the day and night is absolutely ridiculous……unfortunately, I understand full well that if upper east side mahattanites cannot resolve their similar issue, then what hope do we have……i try not to be home too much….and i am thankful I just barely make enough in salary to afford the equally ridiculous inflated parking rates here in good ol’ Sunnyside.


What about the MTA work at 52 station? What are these people doing? At any given time there were at least 3 groups of them doing nothing but smoking. And now they are drink out of a minivan!!!!


Good luck getting the MTA and the city to behave….so far all the $$ on the Upper East Side hasn’t been able to get their construction under control either, and something makes me think they would have a bit more pull than Sunnyside.


If Jimmy Van Bramer really wants to help the people of Sunnyside why doesn’t he have the alternate side of the street parking suspended in the areas where there’s construction?
This Monday there is no parking on both sides of 48th street, no parking on 45th street due to construction and no parking through the gardens due to sidewalk repair.


People – who have lived here a long time, by the way – have had it with the MTA’s violation of noise and construction regulations. We mean

work that goes on til 3 am in the morning
huge vibrations and massive noise, so great that you cannot hear a phone conversation in your own home
damage to sidewalks and garages
work on weekends, starting at 7 am in the morning
routine violation of regulations that require them to monitor the noise they make and not exceed specific levels
total non-response to any claims that they repair the damage they cause

All the snotty comments about ‘old folks’ and ‘newbies’ are just the usual bs that is posted in regard to every story by the trolls.

The fact is that we are living in a construction site, with MTA breaking most of the rules.


They need to install a device to convert the loud construction noises to soft fart noises.

Native NYer

The MTA and LIRR are in violation of their own work permits and in violation of the law. The noise and ground shaking often happens all night. ABC news had a clip of work done at 1am. I applaud JVB for his efforts to hold the MTA and LIRR accountable.


@ Webley If being an “ageist” was a civil rights violation as it should be, you would be a lifer at Sing-Sing. Good God, expand your mind. It doesn’t hurt anything except your enormous, fragile ego.

Hoof Hearted


Don’t go dissin’ the ABC store, or as I like to call it, Saks Greenpoint Avenue.

Feel free to pay through the nose for your flip-flops, t-shirts and socks at The Gap.


I wouldn’t live on the south side of Sunnyside even if the rent was $100 per month. I guess the place to be is empty store fronts and ABC Variety…


? What time does the construction start and end? I bet people who complain are the old folks who don’t want any improvement in the area, they just want to live in the countryside, stay home all day, go sit in their sunnyside garden inner courtyard, feed their chickens or walk their dogs, or crazy bag lady people driving their 1992 Volvo or Subaru.

I don’t think MTA is crazy enough to hire union workers to work long hours, weekends, nights..

What about the con edison construction? Why isn’t anyone complaining about it taking forever to finish, and it keeps growing, there is no place to park. What the heck are they doing anyway.


Can’t Christine Quinn just use taxpayer money to buy sunnyside garden residents their own dome to live in? Problem solved you guys.


WAHHHHHHHHH, we want peace and quiet and don’t want construction.

guess what you big babies, life doesn’t stop for you. Things need to get done, why don’t you just cover your ears with our public money???


Face it, the South side is the place to be in Sunnyside!

Good luck getting the city to quiet itself while working on the East Side Access Project…just look at what happened to those poor people on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan-they have been dealing with this kind of thing-and worse-for years.


so sorry to disturb you newbies ……if u live off queens blvd for the past 25 plus years for each & every construction ….every time a train goes by on the weekends we have listened to horns, whistles, every weekend from 7am on – dont like it MOVE!!!


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