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City to spray Sunnyside/Woodside with pesticides tonight, as war on mosquitoes continues


Aug. 4, 2016 By Hannah Wulkan

The Health Department will spray pesticides over parts of parts of Sunnyside and Woodside tonight to help eradicate mosquitoes and several diseases they may carry.

Trucks will spray the pesticides aimed at killing mosquitoes from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. tonight. The general area (see map) is bound by Queens Boulevard to the north and 56th Road to the south, and 29th Street to the west and 58th Street to the east.

Although the chemicals do not cause harm to humans, according to the Health Department, residents should take precautions to minimize exposure, as the chemicals could irritate some if sensitive.

The city has sprayed for mosquitoes for the many years in hopes of controlling the threat of West Nile Virus, but the more recent threat of Zika Virus has increased the city’s efforts.

Zika can be transmitted by an infected Aedes species mosquito, and can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus, often causing birth defects. Though no cases have reportedly been transmitted in New York, there was a large outbreak in Brazil earlier this year, spreading through South America, Central America, the Caribbean and Mexico, causing the city to take extra precautions.

This increased effort comes on the heels of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s announcement on Tuesday that he plans to step up the city’s work in battling Zika.

“As the season is heating up, we’re increasing our efforts twofold,” Cuomo said during a press conference on Tuesday.

His plan includes introducing larvicide and pesticide to areas with stagnant water, where mosquitoes are most likely to breed.

The state of New York has seen 537 cases of Zika Virus so far, with 414 in the city, but all were connected to travel or were transmitted sexually, and had not been transmitted by a mosquito in the state.

The spraying tonight is the second in Queens in the last week, as the city sprayed pesticides in parts of College Point, Flushing and Whitestone on Monday.

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I don’t know what time it was, but they woke me from a sound sleep with an amplified voice announcing that the street was being sprayed to protect against the Zika virus. My cat went nuts with the noise and raced around the apartment, tearing anchored rugs loose!


Can they spray anything to stop real estate dicks from building giant, glass yuppy magnets for the rich?


How about a spray that redistributes wealth instead? Or one that transfers their financial assets to my bank account? Yeah, that it.

Margaret Wright

This is the second time a notice of importance was posted with the ambiguous map. The Councilman office confirmed that it was unclear and in some ways incorrect when a notice was posted last year. This same problem is happening with the zika spraying. One notice was posted on QB & 46 street. This is not only not helpful or informative, it is irresponsible and very unprofessional. Our health deserves better


If the chemical causes no harm then why does the guy wear a mask when spraying?
Do you really think of it was hazardous to our health they’d admit to it? People wouldn’t stand for it. You tell people it’s safe and the sheeple believe it.


Is that southern border supposed to be LIE and not LIRR or am I reading this map backwards??


That’s Railroad Ave, The LIE runs above Laurel Hill Blvd.
Go to Google Map and compare.


The idea that our government is out of control is ridiculous and laughable. There are politicians who want you to be afraid, but that’s only for their benefit, not yours.


Fortunately, this is not happening; there is zero evidence of government being out of control. That’s as silly as this idea that America was once greater than it is now. There ARE politicians who prefer that you be afraid of the government because people who live in fear are easier to control, but that’s not the case here in America, in New York, or in Sunnyside. Fear-mongering only works on the ignorant.


Do you really need to put a damper on complaining? I mean there’s always room for a bitchfest, right? Somebody’s got to be the Debbie downer to Pollyanna. Geez, you people.


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