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Citi Bike to Add Docking Stations in Astoria, East Elmhurst

Citi Bike (Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash)

Sept. 3, 2020 By Christian Murray

Citi Bike is expanding deeper into Astoria, with the bike-share company looking to install docking stations in the Ditmars-Steinway section of Astoria all the way east toward East Elmhurst.

The company is soliciting feedback on where to install the docks and has opened a portal for riders to provide their input, the NYC Dept. of Transportation announced on twitter today.

The public can submit their ideas up until Sept. 25.

The stations will be part of a major Citi Bike expansion that will bring docks to Sunnyside, Maspeth, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Corona by 2023.

The expansion will double the current service area by 35 square miles and triple the number of bikes to 40,000.

Citi Bike first came to Queens in 2015 with docking stations in Long Island City. The program was then expanded into Astoria and the far reaches of Long Island City in 2017.

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Steven Ghelfi

Why are they putting City Bike docks on quiet residential streets in Astoria, Queens. There subways and buses very close by to get around. Some of these docking stations block the front of homes where elderly people live making it difficult in getting to ambulances and EMS vehicles in an emergency. Who can the families of the elderly take legal action against if that elderly person was to die because their access to ambulances and EMS vehicles were blocked by a City Bike docking station ? I saw two docking stations 2 small blocks away from each other which makes no sense at all. Please think of these people that have lived on these residential streets most if not all of there lives.

tea lady

Bikes are great but the streets are a complete mess at the moment with this mix of electrical machines zooming around murdering law-abiding senior citizens. All vehicles must be registered and insured. A driving license must be obtained for any kind of vehicle, including citibikes. Speed must be limited to 10 mph and there must be speed bumps on bike lanes.


This neighborhood would be better with fewer motor vehicles and more bicycles. It’s inevitable that we reclaim all the real estate we turned over to drivers; too bad it’s taking so long.

Queens Streets for LOL

Denise, please orchestrate a full board resolution to prevent Citi Bike from coming to Sunnyside Woodside unless a mandatory vote of all in 11104 and 11377 is held. If a simple majority of residents want it then we’ll accept the tyranny of the 2%. LOL

Stop, please

Can you please stop this nonsense? You don’t get to dictate how these things roll out. We live in a city and are not hostage to your idiosyncratic whims. It’s not funny anymore?


lampoon noun
lam·​poon | \ lam-ˈpün \
Definition of lampoon (Entry 1 of 2)
: SATIRE sense 1
specifically : a harsh satire usually directed against an individual
He said such ridiculous things that he was often the target of lampoons in the press.
lampoon verb
lampooned; lampooning; lampoons
Definition of lampoon (Entry 2 of 2)
transitive verb
: to make the subject of a lampoon : RIDICULE

Ok then

Sorry, the satire was lost on me for a minute there and I thought it was serious (didn’t notice the LOL). In case you didn’t know, Denise was unceremoniously kicked off the board, likely in part because of her coziness with the Queens Streets trolls. Another thing to think about is that ridiculing extremists is probably the least likely way to get them to change (or just shut up). You;d likely get further by ignoring them!

P.S. if you go over to We Are Woodside (f/k/a Woodside Pride) you’ll see that Patricia is getting more and more resistance each time she shares her zany musings. It’s quaint.


would love to see CitiBike expand into Sunnyside, but the linked maps won’t even let you suggest it!!


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