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Police Arrest Man For Beating and Robbing 81-Year-Old Sunnysider, Cops Closing in on Second Suspect

Dec. 3, 2014 By Christian Murray

One of the two men wanted for punching and robbing an 81-year-old Sunnyside resident on Oct. 26 at a Chase ATM has been arrested.

Thomas Fullwood, a 29-year-old from the Bronx, was arrested Dec. 2 and was charged with two counts of robbery. The police are still searching for the other suspect.

Fullwood and his accomplice approached William Eichhorn. 81, while he was withdrawing funds from the ATM machine at the Chase Bank branch at 46-10 Queens Boulevard. One of the men punched him in the face and then they both stole $100 in cash and his debit card while he was on the ground.

According to sources, Fullwood has provided information to the police identifying the second individual involved in the attack.

The police are still searching for this suspect

The police are still searching for this suspect

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El loco

I heard that President Obama is holding a press conference next week regarding the Sunnyside mugging. Another brainless comment from a Sunnyside Post reader.

Anonymous visitor

Where is the outrage here!!??? Are we to be afraid in our own neighborhood? Mr. Obama, say something about this damnit!


gee they find the perpetrators of crime against white victims petty fast don’t they? Hands up don’t shoot.


Great work by the police and the community who helped in this arrest. I love my community here in Sunnyside.


justice will not be served unfortunately. They will be out in a couple of days and do it again to another poor victim! That’s just the way our system works!


Looks like the new police chief for the precinct is already getting the results….

Glad someone (Jimmy?) was able to make the changes at that level….


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