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Big Block Party Planned for Skillman Ave


Aug. 31, 2015 By Christian Murray

Two of Sunnyside’s leading business groups are hosting a large block party on Skillman Avenue next month that will bring bands, dancers and local restaurants together for the day.

The event, dubbed “The Skillman Avenue Fall Festival,” will take place on Saturday, September 26, from 4 pm to 8 pm. It will be held between 45th and 51st Streets, with Skillman Avenue between those streets closed off to traffic.

This will be the first street fair/festival on Skillman Avenue since the beginning of 2013, after they were scrapped following several complaints about the Manhattan-based organizer and vendors. Residents complained about noise and argued that Sunnyside business owners did not benefit from the events–since the vendors came from outside the community. Some scoffed at the items they sold, such as socks, hats & T-shirts, cheap jewelry, artwork, cell-phone covers and house plants.

This festival, organized by the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce and the Skillman Project, will take on a distinctive Sunnyside/Woodside flavor.

Restaurants and bars such as Claret, Dog & Duck, Saffron Garden, Flynn’s, Quaint, Aubergine, Copper Kettle and the Globe will have tables and chairs on the street where people can dine and enjoy music and an array of performances.

Clubs and organizations such as Thalia Spanish Theater, McManus School of Irish Dance, Woodside Fencing and a local Taekwondo club will be providing demonstrations or performing. Several bands will be playing over the course of the afternoon.

Children will be able to get their face painted and be entertained by members of the Big Apple Circus who will be performing.

Members of the Sunnyside Chamber of Commerce are free to market their services at the event. So too are the stores located on Skillman Avenue.

The event coordinator is Dorothy Morehead who can be reached at

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Right now the traffic down 51street is terrible the honking of horns the pile up of cars at 4:00 is terrible due to the Fair. Where is the 108 Pct by 39 Avenue which is full of cars and dangerous to pedestrians? That’s the 108 Pct for you. Clueless on being proactive and only reactive.


This sounds like an amazing event. Too pleasant and civilized for the tube sock crowd. We should be thanking Dorothy for all her hard work. If that desperate I saw tube socks at the 99 cents store.

Martine aerts-Niddam

The petition against the former fair was not about tube socks etc DUH but

About Skillman avenue RESIDENTS not being told or consulted, the stench, uncollected garbage, fumes, blaring music, inappropriate behavior etc

I often wonder if people living where fairs take place would enjoy it. SO easy when one lives far away, yes?

The neighborhood fair organized by residents was wonderful, clean, interesting, neighborhoody
Gave us a chance to connect.

I suggest people research why we claimed before they make ridiculos assumptions.

Oldschool Sunnysider

The most vocal opponent of the Street Fairs works at Welcome Home Real Estate. She was pissed that there was a generator running in front of the storefront.

Dorothy Morehead

There were many complaints about the Clearview street fairs, one of which was about the noise and smell of generators. Welcome Home Real Estate supports this event and will be participating with activities for children.

Dorothy Morehead

This event is sponsored by the Department of Transportation as part of its Weekend Walks program. Vendors are not allowed. Sorry.


There is now a designated opinion section down the page. All opinions will go there after they have run as a feature article. Apologies for the confusion.


People will not be coming only to eat and stand about. Can make a vendor addition and make it pleasant.


Sounds like fun … Could still have a few of those vendors who sell socks, etc.
…Will probably bring more people around. Not all will be coming to eat. or just stand about watching !! Just saying ..

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

He’s too busy chasing topless women in Times Square. First time he wasn’t late for something.


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