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Baby found dead in Sunnyside/LIC apartment, police rule it a homicide

39-20 Greenpoint Avenue (GMaps)

39-20 Greenpoint Avenue (GMaps)

Aug. 2, 2016 Staff Report

A baby girl was found dead in her Sunnyside home Saturday and the police have ruled it a homicide.

The police responded to a 911 call on Saturday at around 8 a.m. and found an unconscious baby girl inside her family’s apartment at 39-20 Greenpoint Avenue. The infant, named Alaia Baque, was transported to Elmhurst General Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

On Sunday, the Medical Examiner’s Office determined the death a homicide.

No arrests have been made at this time.

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Everyone is always whining about equality and acceptance to others and their cultures, when in fact you know nothing of them. Then when something happens that you disagree with, you come on a site and complain about it being horrible. You want a diverse society, then understand and educate yourselves that people may do things that may seam outlandish to you. Im sure those people are so upset of their loss, and they did what they knew…..thats how they live. Perhaps it was an accident. The world is not equal, people are different you hipocrit liberal hippies.


We Sunnysiders need to know more about the priestess and the other babies she may have killed. Are other underground cults threatening Sunnyside?


Friggin’ crazy ritual involved violence against an infant. Lock up the parents and the “priestess”.

Dorothy Morehead

According to news reports, she was injured in a religious ritual to rid of of a “curse.” She was probably colicky and wouldn’t stop crying. Some people are not prepared to be parents.


Yes. The news said they brought the baby to a priestess in hopes of curing the baby of the continuous crying. Then they performed a ritual at home.
Heartbreaking! 🙁

El loco

Horrible, horrible, horrible. This is the type of stories people should cry over not squirrels!

Eric B.

Update: “A spokeswoman for the medical examiner said that Baque died of abusive head trauma. Police said no arrests have been made but that they are interviewing the child’s parents.” – AMNY

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

That little angel was too good for this evil world. May whoever killed her burn in hell forever.


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