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Abandoned Baby Found at Woodside Houses

Aug. 20, 2012 By Christian Murray

Police are seeking the parents of a newborn baby girl found at the rear of a housing complex in Woodside.

A passerby heard a baby crying at about 11:40 p.m. Sunday at the Woodside Houses, a city housing development, and called police.

Authorities say the infant was wrapped in towels and sheets and appeared to be in good health. She was taken to Elmhurst Hospital.

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Get a Life

Thanks goodness the baby was not murdered. The baby could have been taken to a hospital or fire station under the safe haven law.


Marilyn, I still see your comment up top of this column. Ruben, based on the 3 sentences in this article, you are ready to stone the mother of this child? Maybe she is heartless, stupid, terrified,confused; I don’t know. Maybe she was at her wit’s end and did not know what to do. This is a sad story, not one that makes me angry. I’m glad the baby is okay. Put down that stone and try to think of something positive to say. As someone else asked, where is the father? Do you want to punish him, too?


What happened to the comments that were here? Someone posted about the city’s law allowing people to safely abandon babies at hospitals and I posted about additional places. Was it removed?


SuperWitty, there’s more than enough info to pass judgement. the good for nothing woman abandoned her baby, Regardless of her situation EVEN in public housing which we ALLLL know SUCKS, there are options. This uneducated piece of garbage was too stupid and irresponsible to go through the proper channels. She also selfishly made this decision throwing the burden of a child on others.

That being said its great that the child won’t be raised by such trash and will surely have a better life and a safer life. but judgement? find that woman and easily pass it upon her. I’ll be glad to throw the first stone


It sounds as if, once again, we have so little information in which to pass judgement on this story. It’s hard for a man who has never lived in public housing to even begin to claim any depth of understanding about what might have gone through this mother’s mind as she abandoned her child.

But it seems she left it safe where it would be found and the baby is now better off (let’s hope) – away from a life where she is not wanted.


God damn it, I wish we could use the dna or some other sort of link to find the mother/father and kick some sense into them.


omg this is awful.. as badly as I feel for the child I also feel for the mother… I can’t imagine where her mind must be to think that’s the best place for her daughter…

Let’s hope the baby girl is adopted to a warm and loving family!


Baby’s can also be left at fire houses, hospitals and other designated safe places w/o repercussions regarding abandonment.


I wish more people knew they can safely leave a baby at a police station without ANY repercussions.


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