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Aviation High School Locked Down Wed. After Student Brings in BB Gun

Sept. 19, 2013 Staff Report

Aviation High School, located at 45-30 36th Street, was briefly locked down Wednesday after a 15-year-old student brought a BB gun into school, officials said.

The young man, according to DNAinfo, was found and taken into custody at the school and the gun was confiscated.

The incident happened about 2:35 p.m., according to the FDNY.

There were no injuries and police said that charges against the student are pending.

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The still rulers we carry around in aviation is more dangerous than a bb gun, let aside the hacksaws and air drills.

Hoof Hearted

PS. Considering the cops shot two bystanders while trying to hit a guy waving a metro card in Times Square last week, this kid is lucky they didn’t turn him into swiss cheese a la Amadou Diallo.

Hoof Hearted

They kick little kids out of school for pointing a finger and yelling “bang” in the playground nowadays, or even drawing a picture of a gun. The response to this is surprising in that I’m surprised it was so reasonable.


@Anon – I appreciate the response from FDNY and NYPD. I’m sure the call to them wasn’t “HS student with BB gun”.

ME seems like you just don’t get it or really are ignorant…….just tell me how the police knew it was “only a bb gun”??? a bb gun can do serious damage if a person is shot for example in the face I guess you haven’t heard of any shootings in schools across the country??


I saw this happen. There were atleast 4 police vans and 4 or 5 squad cars, lots of police running around. Seems a bit over the top for a BB gun.


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