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Attorney General Demands New York Sports Club Stop Charging Members During Coronavirus Closures

New York Sports Club in Sunnyside (Google Maps)

April 3, 2020 By Allie Griffin

The State Attorney General Letitia James is demanding New York Sports Club (NYSC) to stop charging its members while its gyms are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The gym has continued to charge membership dues and refused to honor cancellation requests — imposing fees and conditions on cancellation and freeze requests even though all gyms closed following Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order last month, James said.

James penned a letter, with a multi-state coalition of attorney generals, to the parent company of NYSC demanding that it immediately implement a membership freeze at no cost to members and honor cancellation requests without charging any fees or imposing any conditions.

NYSC’s conduct violates New York’s Health Club Services law, as well as New York’s consumer protection statutes, she said.

“While the closure of all New York Sports Club facilities may have also placed a strain on the company, its financial straits do not relieve NYSC of its obligation to follow the law,” James said in a statement. “New Yorkers have enough to worry about and should not be forced to pay for services NYSC is no longer providing. ”

The sports club must also clearly notify its members of the changes, she said.

“If NYSC refuses to do the right thing voluntarily, I will not hesitate to take every legal step necessary to protect New Yorkers from NYSC’s unlawful conduct and get their money back.”

The Office of the Attorney General urges all NYSC members who have been unlawfully charged dues or fees by NYSC to file a complaint with the office’s Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau.

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New York Sports Clubs Sinks🤧🤮💩

In my younger years, I worked at New York Sports Club, and they treated their Employees like Crap!😡
Needless to say, I didn’t work there long. And they are Constantly trying to RIP-off their Members with unethical Contracts.🤨
And if a Member has a Valid reason for ending their Contract, the Sales People resorted to Threatening them???😫
In Addition, some of the Club Managers are Sleazy🤮
A Greedy Messed up Company, everyone should Boycott New York Sports Clubs all around the State of New York🤢
Hope the State Ends their License & Finally Close all the Clubs, for the Good of the Public! 😤


What address are we supposed to send to to cancel membership? This would help a lot of members thx much


The end of NYSC is coming. I feel they are charging because they are in the red and will go broke soon.

Pay Attention

The problem with cancelling your membership is that you’re charged a cancellation fee. That is why the AG got involved. NYSC is a horrible company and has kept charging many people in spite of their cancelling their memberships– this was before COVID-19 happened. They should just stop charging everyone and put memberships on hold until gyms are opened again.


Edwards – How old are you? If you’re a grown man you’re terribly idealistic. Your post is rooted in something other than reality.,


Patty, I am with you. Look at that post “Please help us” oh poor guy is getting charged $25 month because he is too incompetent to call his credit card and ask them to charge back or dispute or worst call and ask them to cancel the card. Period.

Anon E. Mouse

Side note: YMCA has put all memberships on hold while they are closed so you won;t get charged. The ask though that members consider voluntarily making membership active to keep some cash coming into the organization.

Thinking of doing it, but would probably rather write them a check and get the deduction.

Julie... You seriously want to call out your telephone number??

Are you like, new to the concept of hacking and identify theft???

Paul Aloe

If you have an auto charge (like I did) call your credit card company and insist that they shut it down

E Edwards

How about members “vote” with their dollars. Refuse to join or cancel membership. Sue in small claims court. Drop this idea that government is there to save us from everything. How about people reading the small print before joining…..accept responsibility for themselves. Go out everyday and spend all your disposable income!….never save!….don’t worry AOC will cancel your loans or debts….so why be responsible.


I can’t believe big retail pharmacies like Walgreens are making you punch in your telephone number to get the sale price. The cashiers should do it. I am sure those keyboards are not getting cleaned and no one i know is able to find hand sanitizers.

Maria Vargas

I have filed a complaint with the NYS AG’s office they got back to me in 1 day! Several hours later I received a phone call from NYSC! I was instructed to mail them s certified return receipt letter requesting the cancellation of my membership.


Just call your credit card company and stop payment!!! People are such babies. The attorney general has to much free time. Look into the price gouging taking place for food, cleaning supplies and masks!!!


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