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Arache Cuts Ties to Pink Icing

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May 21, 2012 Staff Report

Pink Icing, the bakery that opened earlier this month at 44-13 Queens Blvd., is no longer affiliated with Juan Arache from the Sugar Room.

The bakery, which was Arache’s concept, was run as a partnership between Arache and Raul Jimenez, who has been a baker for about two decades. However, the two men had a disagreement and Arache extricated himself from the business last Wednesday.  Arache has not been doing any baking at the store since then.

Meanwhile, Jimenez, who seemed disappointed by Arache’s departure, said that he is now the sole owner and that it will be business as usual. He said Arache didn’t want to be part of the business since it was too tiring for him to run two businesses.

Arache said he will now focus solely on the Sugar Room.

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Does anyone know if Raul Jimenez have a new bakery sho.
Because his cakes are really amazing and I wanna get his phone number i someone have it please reply this comment or send it to my email

Carmen Roax

Unfortunately Raul has only esperience with some old school pies. Some of them not even that good. I found his baking skill poor. He definately doesn’t know about cookie and flaky pastry baking. If I baker cannot bake a good cookie, forget about the rest.
Also as several people mentioned his shelfs are half empty. Pies supposed to be different flavor but they all look like same.

Also if about the coffee. If you don’t say large cup they give you small cup of coffee which is almost like espresso cup size. Kind of he is trying to cut from every corner.


Pink Icing is clearly having serious organizational issues – a very common problem for new businesses. But we’re really hoping they are able to work out the kinks soon and get a good following of customers so they stay in business!! So far, we’ve tried the blueberry tart and banana cream pie and they were both absolutely amazing. We support you and best of luck, Pink Icing!


It’s wise to only make & display a few items; what if he filled the display case with items that didn’t sell? That’s wasteful. Talk to the owner & I’m sure he’ll be happy to share his repertoire. So far we’ve purchased cupcakes, banana cream pie, key lime pie & a chocolate cake for various parties & they’ve all received raves. I wish them much luck!


I was so excited to hear that a bakery was opening in sunnyside. That is one thing that we lack here is a good bakery. However, I went in on the grand opening day and there was barely anything on the shelves. They were bare and only a small amount of cupcakes and a few pies, hardly what you would call a bakery, but I thought maybe I came late in the afternoon and the stuff sold out. So I went back again twice and it was the same thing. Can’t have a business if you don’t have anything to sell. This place is just a sorry excuse for a bakery and won’t last long. The owner was supposed to have background knowledge in this field of baking. This is just common sense in the business world and if they don’t understand that then they will when they close their doors!!!!! BIG dissapointment!!!!!

Amen Anonymous

What 4:51 said. SO easy to complain in great detail here. In the time it took to type it, you could have made a phone call to the place.

There’s an awful tendency here to kvetch about places that just opened. Who among us is perfect on the first day of a new job?


It is not easy to start a small business on Queens Blvd. Stop hating & start supporting. It might be more productive to share your concerns with the owner than to rant here.


I went to Pink Icing on Saturday with my mom and it was practically bare except for a few cupcakes, cookies, and one cake. And this was around 1pm in the afternoon! There’s no reason why any bakery should be empty on the weekends. They should have been stocked with desserts. There were also no prices displayed and and I ended up paying $5 for two MINI cupcakes. They were pretty good, but i definitely won’t be buying them again at those prices. Really disappointed at how this place turned out. If it continues like this, I don’t see it remaining open for very long. Such a shame as we desperately need a good bakery in the neighborhood! La Marjolaine sucks. Their cakes are always stale and one of the owners is a jerk. I wish Martha’s Country Bakery would open here!


By the way, isn’t it illegal to not properly disclose the ingredients of a food product? Food recalls happen all the time bc of that — allergies and whatnot. You should have complained about the cake filled with nuts. They won’t learn otherwise.


I was really excited by this opening, and a friend and I decided to stop by Saturday afternoon to pick up some cupcakes. The display shelves were nearly empty – there were only chocolate and vanilla cupcakes on one shelf, and then some mini pies on another. The rest of the shelves were completely bare. We were pretty shocked. I’m hoping that they just miscalculated for the day and are usually better stocked and have more cupcake flavors (or plan to have more). My friend did end up getting a mini key lime pie and said it was good.


I really like this place and have had great cupcakes there but this past weekend I purchased a slice of sour cream cake. I asked the very young guy behind the counter if there were nuts in it (I can’t eat nuts). He said absolutely not. Well guess what, there were plenty of nuts. Needless to say, I had to throw most of it out. I hope they get there act together soon. It could be a goldmine.


This might explain my experience at Pink Icing on last Friday morning (5/18). I saw something in the showcase that appealed to me and that looked like an oatmeal cookie. When I asked the young male clerk about it, he said it was chocolate chip and that they didn’t make oatmeal cookies. I decided to purchase it anyway and took it home. When I ate it, it turned out to be oatmeal with raisins, and absolutely no chocolate chips. Delicious in any case, but suggested ineptitude of the staff and management.


I knew something was up. There was an Indian woman there, she looked like she was in charge. Wonder how long this place will be around. They should start doing stuff to get people and and get people to stay.

44th street.(Sunnysider)

It takes time and patience to run the two business together.. they are only a few door away from each other… how about some professionalism from both of them.. or get a manger in there so there is less stress for both of them… how about some team work.. our town needs this too work… maybe bid should offer some help or the chanber of commerce should help… or maybe this site comments section will help them… make peace not war…. please


randomly, we were the first customers for Pink Icing. We purchased a mini pecan pie that tasted amazing. Hope they have more selection and more home baked goods in the future! Glad to have them in the neighborhood.

Tom Joad

man, such freakin drama. WTF!? Two people going into business together with such a lack of commitment and understanding about what your partner wants, it won’t last. A week after it opens the drama unfolds. Like two kids running a lemonade stand. I give it 3 months tops. If you learn how to make a decent croissant I will give you a little longer. In my book if you can make a flawless flaky croissant you have the skill – the ones there on Sat were pretty beat.


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