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NYPD: 90-Year-Old Robbed Outside Stop and Shop on 48th Street

Suspect (NYPD)

July 22, 2014 By Michael Florio

The police are seeking the public’s assistance in finding a suspect who they say robbed a 90-year-old man’s wallet, before making him drive to two ATM machines and take out money.

The incident occurred on Friday in front of a Stop and Shop located at 34-51 48th Street. The victim was walking to his car at 10:45 am when the suspect grabbed him by his neck and demanded his wallet.

The suspect then demanded the victim’s PIN number and that he drive to two locations where the victim was forced to remove money from an ATM machine, according to the NYPD.

The victim was not injured.

Police are asking the public for any information leading them to the suspect, who is described as a man in his 30s with braids.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-8477

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thats why everyone should carry a piece. emptying an entire clip in a POS thug that wont be missed isnt the most enjoyable thing in the world, but its definitely in the top 10!

Julia Assange

Why aren’t auxiliary police walking around? Their very presence can be a deterrent.


fck off @lady liberty, why should a 90 yr old not be driving a car, if he’s physically and mentally able, what’s the problem. Talk about missing the point here, he got robbed, that the issue, not his driving abilities. Jesus!


Krissi, I am with you. I still love Sunnyside and it sucks to see what it is turning into after living here for over 20 years, and I know we have folks who have been here much longer than that.

Doc, unless your dad is an ex cop or active duty, C&C is illegal in NYC.


7TrainDelays, half of those cops on SI incident were just some kids who think they are dirty harry, did you see the first one, I am not sure what D.D. means and how they are allowed to be covered in that much tattoo and show them with a uniform that looks like short, that’s beyond me, but you will never see those rookie kids try to save anyone from a serious situation like this. They are all after fare jumpers, cigarette peddlers, jay walkers and bikers– scratch that they don’t even do anything to bikers because well they are on bikes, unless they can punch them as they ride next to the cops, they don’t do much about those.
Once again, this whole thing is f-ed up and JVB needs to address these issues on their own blog and acknowledge that 108 is not doing much. They try to glorify sunnyside and lic by promoting concerts and such but nobody knows about these because well that’s bad publicity.


I usually try not to “shit” on Sunnyside, but the lack of police in the neighborhood is disturbing.

Anony Mouse

looks like the white sox hat guy, of course he ditched his hat. the sketches are almost the same.

Dov pincus

The suspect…”a man in his 30’s with braids”..hahahahaha!!!!!…must be a Scandinavian! !!

Lady Liberty

This is terrible, indeed, and I do feel sorry for the victim. Hope they catch the guy who stole from him soon and put him behind bars. But something is bothering me about this– should a 90 year old man be driving a car?


Jeesh, 10 in the morning. Scary stuff. It looks like they got a pretty good sketch of the guy at least. From the description, it sounds like this was in front of the store, not in the top parking lot level. That’s quite shocking as it’s pretty public and people usually walk by a lot, though that early in the morning may not be as much traffic. Anyway, ATM’s usually have a face camera so they probably got help there also to put the sketch together. Hope they catch this ass and put him behind bars.

Zero the Hero

What a F’ing scumbag! You’d think with all the NSA cell phone snooping they’d be able to find this guy by figuring out what time and at what location that picture was taken… Unless he stole that cell phone too.


How much more does it take to get your local council mans attention around here. Last week he was asking all neighbors help on what to do with an xtra million in his budget for sunnyside and woodside how about more police working the beat like it should be? Or put in a station house closer than the LIC one. Taxes keep going up and we all keep paying more but nothing gets done. Jimmy Van Bacon strips is about as useless as it comes. Wake up JVB???? Come out of the office and look at what’s going on in your hood.


The reverse pin is an urban legend. It will not do anything but get an error message from the ATM.


If only one or two of the dozen or so officers that surrounded an unarmed man in SI who may or may not have been selling bootleg cigarettes had been walking a beat on this street…


This mutts head would look a lot better with a bullet in it. I’m glad my dad still carries.

Celtic Bark

There should be some sort of code to tap into an ATM when someone is being robbed like this that immediately alerts the police.

Anyway, this brazen thug needs to be caught NOW.


And what do you know, north side has its thugs too, although it’s hard to call this place sunnyside. That aside I am really surprised this can occur at 10:45 without a single person doing anything about it.

Those sons of b*tch*s at the parking lot watch like hawks for anyone who parks and crosses the road, and there are bunch of cameras on and around the property, yet the only thing we can find is a dark picture of this scum with nothing else. I hope they at least check the ATM cameras and try to find where this lowlife went.

God dammit 108, if you got up your fat ass and patrolled once in a while (and no, not just the meter maids) you would at least stumble upon some of these crimes by chance. This sucks, neighborhood is going down the sh*tters.


Fact: You never see any cops around Sunnyside OR around that shopping area.

Fact: Criminals know this.


It’s really sad and scary that it’s happening so close to home. It says a lot about a neighborhood when a 90 year old can safely go do some shopping by him/her self; can’t be said about many places, but I’d like to think that this area is one of the more safer areas in Queens.

Having lived in Sunnyside since 2006, I’ve come to observe our regular beggars (Mr. Chaaaaaaange by Burger King, Door Opener by DD, Mr. Cardboard under the 7 train, and Ms. Shopping cart by 44th street [ALL OF WHOM ARE HARMLESS!) and honestly, in recent weeks, I’ve come to see new faces. Younger ones and they look scary. One even looks like he inspects what people wear and carry. I’ve spotted them by on QB between 45th and 46th street.


I hope this c**t chokes to death on one of the thing he purchased with the stolen money.


damn, this hits way too close to home. you’re not safe at night or during the day.


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