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75 Ticket Holders in Draw For Flat-Screen TV and More

June 4, 2013 By Christian Murray

About 75 ticket holders who participated in Sunnyside Shines’ recent small-business promotion are in the draw to win a flat screen TV Wednesday night.

The draw, which will take place at Bliss Street Station, follows the marketing campaign run by Sunnyside Shines in May—where 33 local businesses offered discounts every Thursday to shoppers and bar/restaurant goers. The promotion was called ‘Hoppin Thursdays’.

As part of the marketing effort, individuals who went to 5 participating businesses or more during the month—and got their ‘Hoppin Thursdays’ card’s stamped– went in the draw for prizes.

Liz Taylor, a bartender at Bliss Street Station, said the bar/restaurant is pleased to host the event. “I think we should all give back to the neighborhood and support our local businesses.”

First prize is a flat screen TV valued at $400; second prize, a iPad Mini valued at $350; and third prize, a Kindle Fire worth $150.

The event kicks off at 7 pm at Bliss Street Station, located at 47-02 Greenpoint Avenue, and there will be drinks as well as prizes.

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This was great! Sadly we went on vacation and I only got 4 stamps before time ran out. Next time !!!!!!


How many people who write comments on this site actually participated in the hoppin Thursdays besides Dorothy ( who I don’t know) but good for her that she supported the local community. This was the 1st year that sunnyside did this so of course everything wasn’t perfect.the next hoppin Thursdays will b much better ( I hope). Btw there were way more than 75 cards entered in the drawings.) I hav sed it time and again why don’t u go to the community meetings and b heard instead of hiding behind a computer thinking up negative things to say about our community. Writing idiotic posts on this site( or any site) s not going to help. STAND UP AND BE SEEN AND HEARD

Davy The Greek

If I win everyone can come over and watch Nina Hartley movies at my house and there will be plenty of booooooooooooooooooooze!

Dorothy Morehead

I agree, MBon47. I think a major problem was the limited number of options. For a non-drinker, options were even fewer since a significant number of the merchants were bars. At Pink Icing, the two-hour window of 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm made it impossible for anyone working outside the immediate vicinity to buy there. (I did, and their key lime pie is fabulous!) One friend and I made it a point to participate, not only for the chance to win a prize but also to encourage Sunnyside Shines and the merchants to engage in promotions to boost business here.

Rick Duro

I will admit to having gone a bit vigilante w/ regard to getting other dog owners to clean up their mess. One example, I have left signs on pole near the sight of the ‘crime’ mocking them, hoping shaming them would work. It has a few times. Especially if a description is included….

There is no excuse for not picking up.

The trouble is, I so very rarely ever see people NOT pick up. Thus, these pigs either walk their dogs @ weird hours, or pick up when people are around.

If you see someone not pick up, let’em know.


Mr. Murphy

Do you work or are you retired? You post on here a LOT.

Anyway, I found out what Oppressed Masses posted about causing grave harm to dogs. There is truly nothing funny about animal abuse. Most serial killers start out abusing animals, then upgrade to humans. He has severe mental issues, in my opinion. We could only hope Spain would take him, so we can get rid of him. People like that do not represent Sunnyside at all.

Also, why when we are posting about this Hoppin Thursdays event, would you bring up dog poop? Maybe you are just bored and are trying to be controversial…



Well that particular town might. In fact, they’d probably make him mayor.


That article was funny. One of the most innovative anti poop campaigns ever.
Imagine getting that plague/package during dinner? 🙂



Try reading the article first and following the chronology of the story.

The article is about an event taking place Wednesday, tomorrow. What happened in May is the background to tomorrow’s event.

That said, the article could have included the exact date right up front to avoid ambiguity.


I wanted to try Bliss St Station recently. Saw the specials listed on a board outside but no prices given. That’s a pet peeve of mine. If the specials are such a good deal, why hide the prices? In fairness, a lot of places do this.

Anyway, the promotion sounds like it was s success. Good to see local businesses getting creative and making an effort.


What a great idea hoppin Thursdays was. Hopefully this will happen again in sunnyside . Looking forward to the drawing on Wednesday nite. I want to try their 50 cent wing specials on Wednesday. I hear they are good.


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