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7 Train Delays Make Hellish Monday Morning Commute


Jan. 6, 2020 By Allie Griffin

The 7 train was once again running with delays Monday morning, creating a hellish commute for Queens residents beginning their work week.

The delays were caused by a signal problem near Grand Central-42nd St and halted express service around 7 a.m., according to the NYC Subways twitter account.

The transit authority reduced service to alleviate congestion. The MTA website said service along the line between Queens and Manhattan was “extremely limited.”

“Expect longer waits for trains and crowded platforms,” the tweet read.

About 20 minutes later, NYC Transit recommended commuters to avoid the 7 train altogether.

The agency strongly urged customers to take nearby subway lines, including the E, F, M and R, or the LIRR. However, the F and M trains were re-routed due to a switch problem at 36th Street and all four lines were experiencing delays as a result.

“Does the 7 train ever run smoothly? Like at all?” one Twitter user tweeted.

Another twitter user from Queens said the 7 train cars were so packed, it looked comical.

The 7 Train seriously looked like a clown car this morning,” she tweeted. “Unreal how many people poured out and it was still crowded.”

A third commuter noted that work was being done along the line all weekend and yet come Monday morning rush hour, issues still arose.

“Only the 7 train could have work done on it all weekend to then only not work come Monday,” the commuter tweeted.

Shortly after 9:30 a.m., the transit agency said limited 7 train service is resuming between Queens and Manhattan, but said delays will likely continue as it works to make repairs.

Last month, 7 train service in Queens was delayed during a Wednesday morning commute because a dusting of snow interrupted the line’s expensive new signaling system on the raised tracks.

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Dont you get tired of complaining about this city ? When will you all admit it sucks


MTA “reduced service to alleviate congestion.”
Did you get that?
Did you get that?
Did you get that?
Did you get that?
I’m going to think about that.


its always good to sue for your money back for lack of service. add damages, trauma, health deterioration, and potential loss of job.


Fire most MTA management employees and whoever works for MTA.
Then we would understand what’s happening now.
They are ignorant and unkind and most importantly dont care about US.


E-bike, check! Poncho for rain or snow, check! Not riding the subways or buses ever again, check!

Larry Penner

Why one year later, after Communications Based Train Control has been up and running since January 2019 (which was supposed to have been completed by October 2016), are there
still signal problems and service disruptions on the #7 Flushing subway line? How many more months or years must we wait for MTA NYC Transit resume mid-day express service between 10 AM and 3 PM which last ran in the mid 1980’s? Was it be worth investing $600 million in CBTC when it may only result in increasing the number of rush hour trains by 2 from 27 to 29 in each direction? Going forward, MTA NYC Transit no longer has any other opportunity for increasing rush hour capacity on the #7 line.
Given the tremendous growth in #7 ridership 24/7, riders would welcome restoration of mid day service, Saturday and holiday express services (which briefly ran in the early 1950’s) along with more frequent local service off peak, late evenings, overnight and weekends(
Larry Penner — transportation historian, advocate and writer who previously worked 31 years for the US Department of Transportation Federal Transit Administration Region 2 NY Office. This included the development, review, approval and oversight for grants supporting billions in capital projects and programs on behalf of the MTA, NYC Transit bus and subway, Long Island and Metro North Rail Roads, MTA Bus and NYC Department of Transportation).


Nothing like having to depend on a government agency running smoothly and efficiently.

I agree, let’s AUDIT the MTA!


Damn, looks like I picked the perfect day to start biking to work again. Sorry for all my friends having to deal with this.


You know, I’d respect the MTA more if they just admitted they can’t handle the population growth combined with the crumbling infrastructure. Just admit that you are totally clueless. Then maybe we can move on and actually fix the system. This morning: 1 hour on a freezing platform, 1.5 hours standing in a train car = 2.5 hours Sunnyside to lower Manhattan. This is a disgrace.


Enough of stealing commuter’s time and money.

Thomas the tank engine runs better than the 7

How can they seriously implement a new signal system that’s susceptible to moisture? where is the proof of concept, quality assurance etc? imagine if the FAA ran the Airline industry in the same manner as the MTA runs the transit system. A plane would be falling out of the sky every 10 minutes. Someone in the MTA management needs to be seriously held accountable and fired. The delays have been going on for weeks now and if im to guess there is no quick fix solution. dread to think what the 7 will be like if we have a foot of snow.


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