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61 light pole banners go up in Sunnyside

Feb. 24, 2017 By Christian Murray

Sixty-one light pole banners have gone up on several Sunnyside streets in an initiative undertaken by the Sunnyside Shines Business Improvement District.

The banners, which market Sunnyside and the BID, aim to enhance the look and feel of the BID area. The BID covers Queens Boulevard from 38th Street to 50th Street, as well as Greenpoint Avenue from Queens Boulevard to mid-block between 42nd and 43rd Streets.

Several local businesses sponsored the initiative which covered the cost of the banners. Sponsoring businesses paid the BID $400 to have their logo placed at the bottom portion of each one. The banners will be up for a year.

“The new banners are a beautiful enhancement to the Sunnyside streetscape and a celebration of our strong, unified identity as a neighborhood,” said the newly-appointed executive director Jaime-Faye Bean in a statement. “We are deeply grateful to the program’s merchant sponsors, who bring such vitality and dedication to our business community.”

  • Athenica Environmental Services
  • Bing’s Hallmark
  • Bliss 46 Bistro
  • Dime Bank
  • Jeffrey Schneller, DPM, PC
  • Foxy’s Diner
  • Fresh n’ Save Grocery
  • Green Valley Marketplace
  • Laura’s Beauty Salon
  • Liberty Tax
  • Lynch Funeral Home
  • Merit Group & Associates
  • Nelson’s Barber Shop
  • Platinum Pharmacy
  • Progressive Ophthalmology
  • Sunnyside Ballet Studio
  • Sunnyside Pediatrics
  • Triad Management, LLC
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why does everyone hate mac and el loco so much?

these spring colored banners will be up for an entire year?


Can anyone tell me what happened to Rachel Thieme from SUNNYSIDE Shines? Was she deported in one of those ICE raids? I loved her and I would like to know what happened. I hope that she is ok?


She finally realized she was a tool being used to screw the poor people who have called Sunnyside home for generations. So she went back where her family owns small retail properties and she is going to do the same thing to people she grew up with! Hey, people call it smart business. So anyone who calls it heartless greed is a loser who deserves to eat dirt and be homeless until they die.

El loco

I have changed my mind. Get rid of the comments section. Nobody (including me) ever has anything intelligent or interesting to say. It’s the same boring nonsense all the time. The neighborhood is being gentrified. Blah, blah, blah.Whenever there is a letter about someone who contributes to the community they are savagely mocked for sport. Get rid of it now! This blog would be much better without it.

Oil, beef, hooked

Perhaps it hasn’t occurred to you but you can read the articles without reading the comments.

Not everybody is an easily offended, delicate, little snowflake like you.

Not mac or el loco

A nice color flag would look cool and its good for businesses, but these lgbt flags look ugly and will look worse when they get dirty. They will get dirty with the exhaust from all the traffic. Also previous post is right, how come the big stores dont participate? The little guy whos strapped with high rents squeezes out the cost because they are considered the heart of the neighborhood, i guess the big guys not part of our community.


Anonymous- Thank you for the alternative facts. A little bit of Fox and Trump stupid injected into the comment stream.


Where’s the big boys like Chase,RiteAid,McDonalds,
Burger King,Starebucks,T Mobil,Wendy’s,white Castel,Duane Read,Dasy’s,Key Food,

silent majority

All but Daizies are corporate companies that could give a F- less of the neighborhood or the community they service.


Banners are visual garbage. The BID drives out longtime Sunnysiders so people with more money come in, rents go up and the place becomes a post card rather than a living functioning community. The BID is a trojan horse.

El loco

It doesn’t seem as though Sunnyside has exactly become Williamsburg. Empty storefronts, poorly maintained buildings and filthy streets.


Wow that Avalon Florist reminded me of the old Athens cafe- Burnside buscuit place in Astoria. Building looks similar.


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