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Man Shot in Broad Daylight in Woodside


Aug. 25, 2015 By Jackie Strawbridge

A 60-year man was shot in the arm while he was driving his vehicle in Woodside this afternoon, according to police.

The victim was shot by a man who was walking on the sidewalk near 62-35 30th Avenue at about 1:15 pm, according to Captain Peter Fortune, the commanding officer of the 114th precinct. The shooter fired ‘a couple of rounds,” Fortune said.

The victim was transported to Elmhurst Hospital.

There are no details as to the perpetrator and the investigation is ongoing.



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Random Name

There’s the park and there’s the nightclub there. Both tend to attract less than upstanding citizens. Although, that’s usually later at night…

Holy Crud

Some guy just taking pot shots at passersby? What is this, Texas? For God’s sake, the whole world seems to be armed and full of evil intent. Saints preserve us.


No, this isn’t Texas. In Texas, where many carry, people are afraid to shoot with bad intent, because someone may very well shoot back. “Gun free” zones are far more dangerous.

Tyler Durden

This is right across the street from St. Michael park, near the UHaul depot, Bed Bath, Home Depot etc.


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