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4-Story Building Planned on 48th Avenue at Former Korean Church Site

45-05/45-07 48th Ave. as seen today. The St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church next to the site is not part of the upcoming development. (Photo: Nathaly Pesantez)

Jan. 25, 2019 By Nathaly Pesantez

A developer has filed plans for a four-story building on 48th Avenue in Woodside that once saw a Korean church before its demolition several months ago.

The plans, filed yesterday by Nash Builders, which purchased the property last spring for $2.3 million, call for a 12-unit building at 45-07 48th Ave., the former site of the New York Korean Church of the Nazarene.

The building will span 15,000 square feet, with plans to bring a healthcare facility to the ground floor, along with a retail or service establishment.

Floors two and three would each see five apartments, with two on the top floor followed by a tenant recreation area on the roof.

An underground parking facility for 10 cars and six bicycles is also included in the plans.

The build-out also appears to cover the parking lot adjacent to the former church, which was also part of the purchase last year. The St. Nicholas Romanian Orthodox Church, next to the new building site, is not included in the development.

New York Korean Church of the Nazarene at 45-05 48th Ave., as seen in June 2018. (Photo: Nathaly Pesantez)

The church, demolished in August, had been in Woodside since 2003, when the Metro New York District of the Church of Nazarene purchased the property for $200,000, according to property records.

Reverend Bruce Barnard, director of operations for the Church of Nazarene, would not directly say why the property was sold when reached in June, but said there are a variety of reasons behind any decision to buy, sell, or develop a property.

“Some have to do with congregation size, some have to do with congregations that are not reflective of the local community makeup any longer, some have to do with the high costs of maintaining aging buildings coupled with those factors above,” he told the Sunnyside Post in an e-mail.

While the church property was sold, the congregation continues.

“In this particular case the congregation has been relocated to an area of their choosing to continue operating a local Church of the Nazarene,” he said. “For that we are grateful!”

Nash Builders did not immediately respond to questions about the project. Chris Papa, the Astoria-based architect behind the building, said a rendering has not been prepared yet for the development.

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Marco Novak

Woodside 100% Just walk 1 block north and Look at that Big +2,000 student JHS-“Woodside JHS 125…” it is written in stone. I am born and raised just across the street. Always been Woodside. Also go to 50th ave, St Theresa chruch is “Woodside.” Take that Hipsters!!!!

Marco Novak

Woodside- I am born and raised just across the street. Just walk 1 block North to JHS 125 and written in stone “Woodside JHS 125….” Natives know it is Woodside the hipsters call it Sunnyside.


$200,000 in 2003? Not even a coop was that price back then. I got a house with a smaller lot that year in sunnyside for $400k ?

gentrification movin on in

good to spruce up that hellhole area, only good thing is de mole. otherwise crap from Lennys Pizza to the cemetary.


Always with the mean and nasty comments. Why, what’s your point? This area is filled with decent people and normal businesses. Stay away if you don’t like it but your opinions are based on your own miserable existence and nothing else.


Have you been to the new taco place a few stores down from de mole? It’s just as good. The church on the next block on 50th ave is nice.
But if it is such a hell hole you should be welcoming the gentrification.
Take a minute and rethink your argument.


At least it’s not going to be apartments for the affluent. Every time one of those goes up, there goes the neighborhood for the working class of which I am a proud member.


i’m working class, and i have no problems living in an affluent area. oh, you mean renters. lolz my condolences to those that down own.


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