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300 New Seats to be Added to P.S.11 in Woodside


Nov. 14, 2012 By Christian Murray

The New York City School Construction Authority announced last night at a Woodside town hall meeting that it has approved plans to add 300 seats to PS 11 through the building of an annex—as well as build a new school nearby.

Education officials said last night that PS11, located at 54-24 Skillman Ave., is one of the most overcrowded schools in the city. The school, with 1,350 students, is at 126% capacity and its yard is dotted with about 10 trailers.

Mary Leas, executive director of the School Construction Authority (SCA), hopes that the annex—plus the addition of a new 440-seat elementary school on 39th Ave. and 57th Street will alleviate the problem. Neighboring schools, such as PS150 is at 110% and PS 152 at 120%, also face overcrowding issues.

The new school, to be called PS 339, is scheduled to open September 2015, with the completion of the annex to be ready after that. The new school will be a 5 story building, with a cafeteria and gym on the first floor.

Leas said the School Construction Authority was initially hesitant to build the annex since it was a tough site to build on. However, she said, the SCA went back and reviewed the site and worked out a way for it to be done.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who organized the town hall meeting, said he was “thrilled by the news. I have been pushing for this for some time.”

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Woodside Mom

It’s sad how little people who don’t have kids in the public schools know about them. First of all, did you all see the statement in the article that PS 11 is so overcrowded that it has 10 trailers in the yard? Trailers are meant to be a temporary relief for overcrowding, not a permanent solution. Furthermore, PS 11, as with nearly all primary schools, is locally zoned for children who live in the vicinity of the school – therefore, children are not bused in “from other neighborhoods.” If children are bused, it’s because they live more than 1/2 mile away (for those in K through 2nd or 3rd grade) or they are getting on private buses to drop them at after-school care or directly at their door (unlike school buses which might drop them a block or two away from home). The NYC public school system is not “terrible” – I have 3 children who have gone or are going through the system and they have had wonderful teachers and programs available to them. Stop reading the editorial page in The New York Post and actually talk to some public school parents for a change.

Oppressed Masses

Hey Ruben, your friend was already camped out in front of the new TD Bank on Tuesday. Welcome to the neighborhood!


GB is right, probably most of the kids coming to PS 11 in Woodside are being driven from other areas. Traffic jam every morning and afternoon and again at 5PM for the after school center .

Need a traffic cop not a lonely crossing guard ….


a lot of these kids are bussed in from other neighbourhoods,there are not that many young kids left considering it now costs at least 1400 for a one bedroom apartment !


More taxpayer money going to waste. The school system is terrible & Barack Hussein Obama cares more about JVB and hi Gay friendly marches than the kids.



Watch out, there’s a hipster under your pillow with an ironic t-shirt and skinny jeans waiting to throw a mocca latte at you.


Sunnyside Yuppies and Hipsters, we know you like our chic and trend neighborhood but Sunnyside is more than just a little hot spot for Mexican or Turkish food. The area is FLOODED with children and its getting worse. We have no real programs for the kids. There’s no day care options and worse there’s not many summer school programs.

Create some damn jobs and start building some centers already.


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