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NYPD: 25-Year-Old Woman Followed into Sunnyside Apartment Building, Robbed at Gunpoint

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Nov. 25, 2015 Staff Report

A man followed a 25-year-old woman into her Sunnyside apartment building Saturday and robbed her at gunpoint, police said.

The suspect allegedly followed the woman into the lobby of her 47th Avenue/39th Place Street apartment building at around 4:50 am November 21, displayed his firearm and demanded the woman hand over her purse.

The woman complied and the suspect fled on foot with the purse, which contained $60 in cash and bank card, according to the NYPD. The victim was not injured.

The suspect is a male Hispanic, police say. He was wearing a dark-gray hooded sweatshirt over a light-color shirt, dark-color pants and black sneakers.

Video of the suspect is attached.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 800-577-TIPS.

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barbara hayes

I suggest what ever neighborhood you live in do not walk alone go home alone regardless of your age without a cab who watches you walk in till your safe or a ride from a friend its just not sage there are definetly those out there looking to find vulnerable victims especially when they have access to the train or free getaway. I’m glad this victim was not hurt its always better to just give things up they can be replaced a persons life is worth more.And landlords in Woodside Sunnyside you are getting rents that should guarantee your tenants are protected with every necessary means to see you are in no way in danger. your Home should be a safety zone where you are secure.

Del Toro

Next time you rent a place in the neighborhood make sure they have proper cameras and if possible you ask them for a video sample. Make those lazy realtors work for their money not just push you into a crummy apartment building with terrible security. We don’t get doormen in this area yet people pay more than $3000 for 2 bedroom (if you can call those 2 bedrooms) landlords or supers don’t care so they don’t upgrade or maintain cameras, not to mention people like this lady who did not properly lock the door or make sure it was shut. Was he actually chasing her?

Always lock doors behind you and always look back to check there is nobody close by that can enter right after you do. If it’s too late and you are face to face with a loser lowlife pointing a gun or knife, just give them what you have and let them go. If your phone has security setting where you can track the phone via computer, make sure it’s activated so you can at least provide some info to cops since they are nowhere to be seen in our area unless there is a serious accident or petty theft. When was the last time you saw a cruiser or patrol park in the neighborhood or pair of cops on foot?


Is this the same man who shot someone on the corner of 50th street because both incidents occurred on November 21st around 4-4:30pm..


I read that more than 90% of crimes are committed by men, regardless of their ethnic/cultural background. (Btw back/black has nothing to do with being Spanish, or whatever you are trying to say. the fifties were a long time ago and we should have moved on by now.)


That is only because nagging is not recognized as a cause of death by the medical establishment. When it is the “Compstat” numbers will blow your mind.


Isn’t this the building with the obnoxious lights? I thought the lights were installed to DETER this?


you mean the one that has a million lights at the corner of 48th ave that all of the building owners have to foot the electric bill for? awesome mismanagement! lol i always thought it was a rental building with a chinese owner. they usually get those funny yet weird all chrome doors and fences that start rusting after a year. seen it happen one too many times in flushing’s chinatown 2.0.


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