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Two Rescue Dogs and One Cat Find Homes at Sunnyside Adoption Event

James Abram with Hercules

James Abram with Hercules

Nov. 17, 2014 By Christian Murray

Hercules, Daffodil and Robin all found homes Sunday.

The three animals were adopted by Sunnyside residents who attended an adoption event outside of Wespaw Pets—located at 44-05 Queens Blvd– on Sunday.

The Sean Casey Animal Rescue group in conjunction with the North Shore Animal League parked a large truck filled with dogs and cats that are currently in shelters outside the pet store.

The dogs were of all ages—puppies to seniors—with one particularly disfigured due to a cruel past owner. The dogs varied in breeds– with pit bulls, pit bull terrier mixes, poodles and even a pomeranian. The cats ranged in age too.

The first animal to be adopted was Hercules, a young pit bull, by James Abram. While the dogs had been vaccinated and checked over prior to the event, a volunteer veterinarian was on hand to help the new owners—and current dog owners—with questions.

“People continue to ask about adoption events,” said a Wespaw Pets representative. “While we have had them before this is the biggest one we have had so far.”

The next dog to find a home was Daffodil, an older dog who was adopted by a young couple.

Later in the day, a mother with her young daughter adopted a cat called Robin. Several of the cats were brought to the event by LIC Ferals & Friends.

Some of the other pets might still be adopted, according to a Wespaw representative, since a few couples are thinking it over.

Sam, the owner of Wespaw Pets, was encouraged by the day. “Sometimes you can have events like these and no dogs or cats get adopted,” he said.



Couple adopts Dafodil

Couple adopts Daffodil

Robin the cat

Robin the cat

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Mary O'Sullivan

Yes, it is SO incredibly cruel to keep my 7 lb. Yorkie and my 10 lb. cat in my 900 square foot apartment. We have a dog run so we can exercise our dogs and they are not cooped up in an apartment. Thank you for contributing your tax dollars to our dog run! WTF are you smoking, anonymous visitor? Get the F&%K off this blog if you are too chicken shit to put your real name on. Please take Matt’s advice and move to the suburbs! You sound like a little whiny bitch!

people are worse....

Anonymous visitor, I’d take a pet owner any day over an inconsiderate, rude savage that blasts their music at all hours, smokes in front of the bldg entry way so it wafts up into others windows, stomps around their apartment like a pachyderm on parade, stinks up the hallway with all kinds of horrific odors or has rude children that scream at all hours and destroy the place.

Anonymous visitor

Yes, now add a pet allowed to run wild by that savage and it only gets worst. That is my point!! We have enough to deal with living in such close quarters


Sounds like somebody isn’t cut out for city life. Would you like directions to a nice suburb somewhere?

Anonymous visitor

Maybe you should move out to the suburbs MATT, they you can have as many dogs, cats,etc that you want. To keep a pet locked in a small apartment all day is cruel in my opinion.

Tina M

The event was so great! Kudos to Wespaw Pets for promoting adoption instead of selling pets. This store is such a wonderful addition to Sunnyside. Linda is right. If landlords accepted pets, many more would have been adopted. Great job Wespaw. You guys are top notch!


One thing I will give credit to the hipsters of Sunnyside , they are legit dog lovers. You don’t see 12 french bulldogs running around the dog run like you do in other hipster infested areas.

Anonymous visitor

I would guess the new owners of hercules and daffodil didn’t even check with their landlords!! The city has no right to force landlords to allow pets! I like that my building is pet free! Not every pet owner is a responsible and considerate pet owner. I lived in a building where the owners of dogs let their dogs relieve themselves in the hall and didn’t bother to clean it up. Then there is the constant barking whenever anyone walks down the all. Sunnyside building are too full as it is. the last thing we need is every apartment having an enormous dog or two!! And before the landlord bashing starts, I am a renter!!

Lucky Lu

I’m so happy to see that a senior dog was adopted. They are normally overlooked at shelters, yet they are so wonderful, having a settled temperament and are still capable of being trained. Thanks to Wespaw to hosting this. I really do believe that more people would have adopted if Sunnyside landlords allowed pets. I have spoken to so many people in this neighborhood who tell me that their building does not allow pets. It’s a shame. The city and the rescues need New Yorkers to adopt, but we are stymied by landlords, as usual. We need the city to push landlords to allow pets. I guess Hercules’ and Daffodil’s new owners are a few of the lucky ones.


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