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Young Woman Killed by Truck at 47th Street/Laurel Hill Blvd

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March 27, 2013 Staff Report

A young Maspeth woman was struck and killed by a truck, police said.

Juliana Busto, 22, was in a crosswalk in Sunnyside at the intersection of 47th Street and Laurel Hill Boulevard, when she was hit by a 2002 Chevy Avalanche at about 11:15 p.m. yesterday, the police said. The vehicle was going westbound on Laurel Hill Boulevard.

Busto had been trying to cross the boulevard when she was struck.

EMS rushed Busto to Elmhurst Hospital but she was announced dead when she arrived.

The driver stayed on the scene, cops said. Police are investigating whether there is any criminality in the accident.

Busto had lived about half a mile from the intersection.

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Long time resident

People also race cars and motorcycles on Laurel Hill Blvd near there, where it runs through the cemetery. (Not suggesting the driver was doing that). And those bikes are LOUD and annoying.

^^11377 is a Woodside zip, but it’s just an arbitrary line on 50th Avenue. The folks who live there are within walking distance of the Sunnyside Post office, but have to hike it up to the 61st St. Post Office when a package has to be picked up.


I live on that corner people come off the exit off the LIE and make an illegal left turn under the L then race around the corner down Laurel hill boulevard. Twice late at night after walking my dogs I almost got hit because the driver made the illegal left turn and looked back up the hill instead of infront. I saw the flowers someone left at the site with her name on it. My sympathies go out to her family it’s A tragic loss. And it is Woodside we’re on the borderline of Sunnyside and Woodside.


I read somewhere else it was at 48th and Laurel Hill Blvd. I also read that witnesses said she wasn’t paying attention when crossing. It’s sad that this happened. You know what now a driver has to live with the burden he ran someone over. It doesn’t matter how many lights you put up in this neighborhood, people cross whenever and however they please. Yeah lets put a speed bump, a camera, a stop sign, a cop and what else?


There is NO traffic light at 47th street….she should have known better at 11:15 at night then to cross there…..she was too lazy to walk up to 48th st which is better lit …bet she was wearing ALL BLACK so the driver couldn’t see her.


Heartfelt condolences to the Busto family. Something needs to be done about that area before another tragedy befalls another victim. That blvd is not fit for pedestrian crossing in its present form. Shame, shame.


That intersection is a DEATH TRAP! I see people cross a block away from the lights, and usually drivers try to beat the oncoming traffic in order to turn left at all 4 corners and cross-traffic.
They really need to put speed bumps so when people turn they don’t speed up, and of course put more signs and guards to stop people from crossing anywhere but the lights. Stupid NY intersection, no overpasses or underpasses..


@Mobo: This is Sunnyside. It’s approximately 3-4 long blocks south of the Sunnyside welcome sign.

This was and is so sad. That intersection needs better lighting, signage, and street paint. Drivers are inclined to race onto the highway ramp in that area.


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