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Yogurberry to Open on Queens Blvd.

June 22, 2012 Staff Report

Yogurberry, a new frozen yogurt shop, will open for business in mid-August at 44-01 Queens Blvd., replacing one of the many cellular phone stores in the neighborhood.

Queens native ‘Diaan He’ watched from the shade of the #7 train as workers hung a banner over her new store. The owner said she can’t wait to be part of the neighborhood, “I love this area: so many nice people, and hopefully a lot of nice customers.”

Mildred Santiago, a Sunnyside resident, said she is looking forward to the store’s opening. “I was never a big frozen yogurt fan until I saw this ‘Seinfeld’ episode. That changed my whole outlook on frozen yogurt.”

Colleen Walker of Sunnyside Towers agreed, “I’m ecstatic; can’t wait. Now I don’t have to drive my daughters all the way to Red Mango in the Queens Center Mall. It’s about time they opened one around here.”

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Ruby Liu

Hey, Are you hiring a job now? if yes just email me. Is there any number that i could call you or contact you. Thank you.

ashley bermudez

i want to a apply for a job here i live only two blocks away is there a number i can call?


I love froyo but I hope they won’t have RedMango and Pinkberry prices! I’d also love a place that lets you put your own toppings and pay by weight, so you don’t get ripped off like the other places.


With such a heat wave going on, watch out for hot yogurt on your face when you walk by!


Maybe we can have a little “business fusion” and have some items on the menu go for $.99.


This is a an international chain, particularly big in California. I think it will succeed-Sunnyside is ready for this now. A few years ago these businesses failed because the community wasn’t there.
25 calories per ounce, 5 oz for a small, fresh fruit toppings-what’s not to like?

Mike Novak

Lets all hope it tastes yummy and is affordable.

If that is the case, there should be a line outside. 😉


Can’t wait to try it, and hopefully won’t be another grade pending place after afew months.


They are smart enough to put a sign up. I went by the Greenpoint Cafe which opened up recently and was featured on this site. There is no sign at all indicating the business within. If I wasn’t looking for it, I could have easily overlooked the place as I’m sure many have.

Full Metal Blogger

If a business is going to be successful in any neighborhood, it starts with originiality, and quality of service. I don’t think they can provide what’s necessary

Full Metal Blogger

Another Korean pinkberry knock-off…There was a yogurt berry before, close to the new key food and it sucked. There was another “something-berry” on Queens blvd near the movie theater, and that place sucked too. Maybe it would have a chance if they chose an original name.


@ Roxy

I remember that frozen yogurt store, it was awesome. I used to go there frequently, but the prices were a bit expensive. Hopefully this new one is both good and affordable.

Preschool Teacher

These businesses thrive in Manhattan. If they offer what people want, and if it’s a well run business, it will do well. This is why there are LITERALLY lines outside the door of Salt & Fat at 6pm on a Tuesday night!!

Oppressed Masses

Roxy, I hope you are wrong in your forecast. I’m confident that with appropriate pricing and good management, Yogurberry will become a destination on the Blvd.

44th street.(Sunnysider)

Finally a new tenant for the cell store… we need to give this store some business.. tell your friends, relatives.. shout it from the roof tops… lets all get behind this healthy eating yoguart store…

Best of luck to her.. we seem to have alot of new business opened up on the north side of the blvd now… but lets keep them opened…

Congrats to this site for this story… you are the 1010 news of sunnyside…


There was another frozen yogurt store on QB nearer the Center multiplex which failed. And one on Greenpoint Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets which also “melted” within a year. I doubt if this one will have better luck. There isn’t enough pedestrian traffic in Sunnyside to support such businesses.


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