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Yankee Fan on ATV Takes it For a Spin around Sunnyside


Aug. 16, 2015 Staff Report

A man dressed in a Yankee shirt was riding through the streets of Sunnyside yesterday on an all-terrain vehicle.

The rider drove down Skillman Avenue, made an illegal right turn on 43rd Street and then raced to Northern Boulevard. From there he sped off and disappeared from view.

There have been several complaints about people riding all-terrain vehicles in Sunnyside in recent times.

One woman at the Police Precinct Community Council meeting in June complained that the owner of an ATV starts his bike by her 48th Street building (by Skillman Ave.) and then goes up and down the road at great speeds. She complained about the noise.

Captain John Travaglia, the commanding officer of the 108 Precinct, told the woman, “These are illegal vehicles in New York City and should not be on the road.”

“These complaints should go straight through to 911 [as opposed to 311],” Travaglia said. “There is a reckless endangerment component to it.”

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I was crossing 43 ave and just missed being hit by the owner of white cake bakery. .he was riding against traffic I was startled and scared..he gave me a blank look and kept peddling along. ..I always enjoyed white cake and supported gay business owners but after this they have lost my business


I am simply trying to point out how in addition to the ATV we also have reckless bicycle riders..Business owners should be more responsible. The fact that he is gay and Latino is irrelevant.

Bowery Boy

Likely the driver was unfamiliar with the English language written or spoken. Else they would have noticed the signage, but then, it has become all too common to hire folks using a 1099 form rather than actually employing them.


Loud motorcycles and cars are speeding up and down 43rd street every night, with no cops in sight.

Sunnyside Local

I was standing in line at the taco truck on Sunday night and 4 ATV’s came screaming down the Boulevard. All were doing wheelies. And there wasn’t a cop in sight. Maybe you want to get on this 108?

Avoid the Noid

I don’t see what crime was committed here unless he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt. He’s probably an eco conscience Uber driver.

Yankees suck

The garage that keeps the ATV is on greenpoint between 39th and 38th. They do illegal car inspections there too. It’s parked right inside at plain sight.
Last week the cops had a party in the park for zero tolerance on crime the same night a car was driving the opposite direction down 52nd doing about 50 mph. You cops are the biggest laziest jokes in the state .


Blah blah blah, the sound of that is just the same as a suped out car or harley chopper both of which also race thru sunnyside. Atv’s should be made street legal as they are much safer than any motorcycle. As for those f*#kin electric shooters, those should be made ill legal as all delivery people ride thru red lights, against 1way streets and all over sidewalks.


They should arrest these morons and impound the vehicles. They are such a danger to those of us walking or trying to cross the street when these morons race by.


how @ Petes Grill and the Butcher Block with their electric bikes running red lights – going up & down one way streets in the wrong direction – if it’s illegal it’s illegal!!!


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