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Wrecking Ball to Come to Greenpoint Avenue in Two Weeks


Photo: QueensPost

June 4, 2015 By Christian Murray

The owner of the building located at 47-16 to 47-24 Greenpoint Avenue will start demolishing the structure in about two weeks, according to the owner.

Meir Babaev, a partner in AB Capstone, said that the demolition process will be quick and that construction is expected to begin in September. It should take 18 months to develop the new building, he said.

The new structure will be four stories. It will contain five residential units on the third floor and five on the fourth floor.  All 10 units will be rental apartments.

The second floor will be used for professional office space, with the ground floor for commercial tenants.

The existing building, which is about to be demolished, is two stories and was previously occupied by King Boulevard, SSS Video, Azteca Restaurant and upstairs apartments.

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Sunnyside Nostalgia

It’s sad that with as the rent goes up in the area, there will be less people who say good morning & will be unfortunate to raise my son here. I love the neighborhood but it’s changing so fast & it’s not even that I’m upset. It’s fine, but the natives are the ones who will suffer. All the new “neighbors” only care about themselves. It’s nice to live & grow in a community where everyone knows each other.

I am just upset . I do not mind change. I mind the consequences of it.


theres already three residences going up. this one as mentioned above. on 43rd street across from the p.s. 150 annex. the other one is where suunyside movie theater used to be. there is also talk of the building on the corner of 44th on queens blvd. the block white castle is on. and across the street where subways is is up for sale. thats alot of potential residences that might be built in sunnyside and that was all in the last 12 months. also some of these owners want to build high rise buildings in sunnyside. and our councilman is fighting to make sure these buildings dont go past 5 stories. i hope they biuld more schools more parks and hopefully more mom and pop shops. also a parking garage wouldnt be a bad idea considering parking is really gonna suck.


wait, its all rental? HAHAHA! i’d rather pay to rent in manhattan than in this building, especially not at the corner where the 7 train screeches every 5 minutes turn the corner. the view would also be very depressing.

Sam Adams

do they really have to make residential units? wouldn’t a mini mall be better?

Me no speaky English

Can’t wait to see all this trash go bye bye. Get rid of all these old piece of shit buildings and piece of shit business that only caters to the illegal immigrant scum that buy there and the owners don’t pay taxes and look at the man that was born here like he doesn’t belong on their turf.
Let’s take back our area and send these people back where they came from. They are dirty, rude, arrogant, and cheating the system.

Anonymous visitor

You speaky no English? What a rude condolenceing racist individual you are, to think that you live in sunnyside possibly even next to me is frightening. Sunnyside is a mixture of very diversified cultures and if any of them offend you I suggest that you move to an area that accommodates your own “kind” whatever that may be.

Casual Spectator

I have to admit, as far as all these new buildings go, this one doesn’t look too bad.

Anonymous Visitor

Let all the negative comments about change begin………………I think what will be built will be a thousand times better than what was there!


we don’t dislike change, we dislike the absurd number of residential units popping up in the neighborhood when we don’t have the schools, jobs, or transportation to accommodate them. They should open things that people have a need for that would also create jobs. Sam Adams down below has the right idea. A bookstore, a whole foods, a new and clean movie theater with reasonable pricing, and storefronts for American made products like Alex & Ani, All USA Clothing, Lucky Brand, American Apparel, Steam Horse, 7 for all mankind, InMod, American Toy Boutique, South Paw Studios, Sophie & Chloe, etc. If the neighborhood is so great that thousands want to move here, then it must also be good enough to sustain stores like these.

Anonymous Visitor

Absurd number of residential units?! LOL, Thanks for the laugh. To call the number of new units going up in SUNNYSIDE absurd show how out of touch you are. This is 10 residential units and sunnyside has seen maybe a handful of new buildings over the past 10 years. Get a grip!
You name lots of stores YOU would like to see come here. I am sure Alex and Ani, All USA Clothing and Lucky Brand could find retail space if they wanted it. There are plenty of vacant storefronts!! So glad you and Sam Adams have your crappy place to live. Some of us want a little nicer place and welcome new residential units. The old crap landlords have definitely upped there game since some new building have come here. Apartments all around have gotten better which is great for everyone. Except those who are in a rent controlled apartment, who in their right mind would spend any money upgrading an apartment pay less than a parking space.


Wow, it must be nice to make assumptions under the guise of anonymity. But let me clarify- I don’t particularly care for half of those stores, I was simply giving examples of stores that carry different kinds of merchandise. I don’t know about Sam Adams, but I’m speaking from the perspective a 4th generation home owner, not a rent-controlled, crappy place to live. We do our part to make Sunnyside a nice place to live. We’re the reason the neighborhood is nice enough that people WANT to move here. We keep our hedges trimmed, our houses neat, and treat people with respect. I don’t have any problem with improvements to the neighborhood, nor do I oppose the demolition of dirty, unsolicited stores. In fact, I think the design looks quite nice. As far as improvements to existing apartments go, you’ll have to be more specific. You have the right to a livable, sanitary, and safe environment under the Warranty of Habitability, and if this need or the landlord’s duty of repair isn’t being met you have to take that to local housing officials because these things should be done regardless of whether or not new buildings are being constructed..
Why do you begrudge people their rent-controlled apartments? You think old ladies who’ve been living in the same condo for 40 years deserve to be priced out of their homes? There’s more than one way to make a neighborhood look nice, and they don’t all involve paying $1500 a month for a studio apartment. But, I understand and appreciate the point you’re attempting to make and you’re entitled to your opinion just as the rest of us are allowed ours. I presented my idea politely and with examples instead of just complaining and making assumptions about other peoples’ lives or living situations.
Anyhow, may I just say, I’m really impressed that you’ve done your research and inspected every existing building in the neighborhood. I bet you even took statistics on which “old crap landlords” made the most improvements in terms of cost, time, and aesthetic value and then mapped it against the amount of paranoia they were experiencing at the time. I mean, every “old crap landlord” knows that when new residential units are built your current tenants will drop everything, break their leases, and move. I think there’s a weekly editorial, “slumlord gazette,” that covers these themes. It first went to press 8 seconds after Bragaw named his estate, along with the landlord bylaws-the first of which specifically states that residential buildings constructed prior to 2005 MUST be managed by old, crappy landlords.

Anonymous Visitor

Riya……….I highly doubt you own in Sunnyside with the comments you are making. How can you say that someone in an apartment for 40 years should be paying the same (or slightly more) than they were in the 70’s??? If you owned a home as you say you do, you would know that every year, taxes, heating, electric, etc go up and you would think it NOT fair that a few (old ladies) get their living expenses frozen in time just because they were there when an idiotic program was introduced. That does not sound like a homeowner but as one of those “Little Old Ladies” you mention


That building looks really nice, hopefully a good store will open on ground floor like that in the picture and not a line of terribly cheap stores like they did down on 50th street, those stores are so tacky and cheap with their terrible awnings and flags and signage.


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