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Woodside street co-named after FDNY firefighter, Vietnam veteran, who died of 9/11-related cancer

At the “Jimmy Lanza Way” co-naming event on Sept. 9/ Courtesy of FDNY

Sept. 11, 2017 By Nathaly Pesantez

A street at the border of Woodside and Astoria has been co-named in honor of a longtime FDNY firefighter and Vietnam veteran who died earlier this year of a 9/11-related cancer.

In an afternoon ceremony on Sept. 9 in front of Boulevard Gardens on 54th St. and 31st Ave., a street sign bearing “Jimmy Lanza Way” was unveiled, honoring the firefighter who served in the FDNY for nearly 30 years, according to the FDNY. The event was attended by elected officials, FDNY members and residents.

James “Jimmy” Lanza, who died at the age of 71 on April 6, spent most of his career at Ladder 43/ Engine 53 in Harlem. He was on the scene at the World Trade Center on September 11, where he and members of his firehouse helped save 16 people out of the rubble in the stairwell now known as “Miracle Stairwell B”, according to NBC New York.

Lanza, who lived in Woodside and was an active community member, volunteered with a firefighter-related organization and participated in nearly every WTC line-of-duty funeral held, according to the Uniformed Firefighters Association of Greater New York .

“He was beloved by everyone who crossed his path and he will be sorely missed,” said the UFA in a statement about his passing.

Congressman Joe Crowley, who attended the Sept. 9 event hosted by Councilmember Costa Constantinides, referred to Lanza as a “civic leader and 9/11 hero”.

The FDNY Emerald Society Pipes and Drums also played at the co-naming ceremony.

Lanza’s name was one of 32 added to the World Trade Center Memorial Wall earlier this week, which commemorates those who died of illnesses related to rescue and recovery efforts at the World Trade Center.

According to the UFA, as of August, 163 members of the FDNY have died of WTC related illnesses.

“Jimmy Lanza Way”, at the intersection of 54th St. and 31st Ave. in Woodside.

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John s. Colgan

I don’t understand what the heck you people are talking about. This story is about Jimmy Lanza. It’s not about Trump, immigrants or stickers. If you’re so concerned about stickers then go outside and remove them yourself. It’s really unbelievable that people who didn’t even know Jimmy or what he stood for would hijack his article with their selfish rants. If Jimmy was here he would tell you to grow up and stop whining.

God bless America

Who cares if it’s Woodside or sunnyside, both neighborhoods should be happy to honor someone who made the ultimate sacrifice . R.i.p. James Lanza.

El Loco from Woodside

I agree but the Snowflakes only honor people who never had any skin in the game. Most of them are now in Sunnyside were they pushed the working class people out. They hail from places like Ohio, Vermont , Massachusetts (not real NY’ers) were they do nothing except hangout in starbucks with their laptops. They get a check from mommy and daddy every month. Nice easy life they have.

That's Pat

You tell em Pat. ” Sunnyside is my Community” drives a Prius Hybrid made in Japan. She has no skin in the game. She needs to take a ride through the hood with oran juice jones in his pimpmobile and then let’s see what she says.


“”Sunnyside is my Community “”

Get your head on straight. There is nothing wrong/nasty with posters of “fallen heroes”. Sunnyside/Woodside has had too many losses to count in Wars (to help other countries-maybe yours) , 911, Fires, Police, and more .
I am the first generation child of immigrants who grew up on 46th St on the border of SunnysideWoodside and grew up with a very patriotic feeling.taught my my immigrant parents.

Sunnyside Is My community

Great to see the community remembering someone who did something good like Jimmy Lanza. It’s time to clean up Sunnyside, get rid of that loser racist bully Neal Milano and Barbara, this is a community of immigrants from all walks of life and all parts of the world. This is our community, let’s have Neal Milano and Barbara clean up all those Trump stickers that they put up illegally in honor of all the fallen heroes of Sunnyside. If you have time today go and ring Neal’s bell #3B and #6G and ask him to clean up his mess in Sunnyside, have him remove those nasty Trump stickers, thank you.


Why would you bring up Neal milano with the honoring of a hero? Is it to be funny or to get back at Neal? Either way, you stoop to a new low. Have some decency. This isn’t the place to play your childish games. Give it a rest. Or why don’t you go watch some footage of 9/11, it might remind you of what and why this poor guy lost his life. Grow up.

Sunnyside Is My community

ok sorry, I read somewhere that Neal Milano wanted to get 39th place renamed Trump’s Way or something similar. Didn’t mean to hurt anybody and their feelings, That man ain’t no friend of mine or my peoples, he has gone full racist on me over the parking and I done live in sunnyside before him.


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