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Woodside Playground to Undergo $7.1 Million Upgrade

Councilmember Julie Won, who is holding a check, announced Thursday that Lawrence Virgilio Playground will be undergoing a $7.1 million upgrade. Queens Borough President Donovan Richards (right) joined her in the announcement (Photo courtesy of Councilmember Won’s office)

Dec. 12, 2022 By Christian Murray

A playground in Woodside is about to get a $7.1 million makeover.

Councilmember Julie Won announced Thursday that Lawrence Virgilio Playground, located between 39th Road and 39th Drive, will be undergoing a revamp that will include upgraded play equipment, sprinklers, security lighting, handball courts and more.

The playground was last upgraded in 2007.

“For years, parents and children have advocated for new fences, functioning sprinklers, new play equipment and handball courts, anti-slip play mats, and other renovations at Lawrence Virgilio Playground,” Won said. “Since taking office I advocated for these much-needed repairs and was able to get $7.1 million committed with the partnership of the City Council Speaker and the Queens Borough President.”

The city council has allocated $4.6 million toward the upgrades, with $1 million coming from Won’s discretionary capital funds, and $1.5 million from the borough president’s office.

The funding will cover:

— the reconstruction of the children’s play area with new play equipment, swings, fencing, spray shower area and safety surface

— reconstruction of the sidewalks, asphalt paths, and natural areas near the children’s play area

— reconstruction of four handball courts

— new security lighting for the children’s play area, paths and seating areas

— reconstruction of two adult fitness areas

Lawrence Virgilio Playground is located between 39th Road and 39th Drive. (GMaps)

The playground, which is part of Windmuller Park, was named after Lawrence Virgilio in 2002. Virgilio was a New York City Firefighter who died in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001. Virgilio, who used to visit the playground as a child, served 12 years with the Fire Department, receiving two citations for bravery.

In 2007 the playground/park underwent a $2.1 million upgrade, with the addition of an open-air stage, a renovated ADA-accessible comfort station, mini-pool, exercise track, pathways, fencing, basketball courts, and new exercise equipment. It isn’t clear what the timeline is for the completion of the $7.1 million upgrades.

Windmuller Park is named for Louis Windmuller, a civic leader and business operator who owned the property and summered there until his death in 1913. The land comprising Windmuller Park was acquired from the Windmuller family in 1936 and the park was officially opened to the public in 1937.

“Our playgrounds and parks are the lifelines of our community, but far too many neighborhoods lack the high-quality open spaces the families who call them home deserve,” said Queens Borough President Donovan Richards. “But with this $7.1 million investment into Lawrence Virgilio Playground, the children of Woodside will have a state-of-the-art playground to call their own.”

City officials tour Lawrence Virgilio Playground Thursday while announcing the $7.1 million upgrade (Photo courtesy of Julie Won’s office)

Lawrence Virgilio Playground is about to undergo a $7.1 million revamp (Photo: NYC Parks)

A handball court at Lawrence Virgilio Playground (Photo: NYC Parks)

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The park is popular

That park is used constantly. In all weather, at all times of the day, and by all people. Thousands of people will benefit from this. I hope they keep the pool. Couldn’t begin to count how many kids swim there.


Omg how they waist our taxes…7.5m and 2m will disappear and whoooo check that check…will be better if you take away massagggee Asia from rossevelt ave..

Meanwhile in Juniper Park

Robert Holden laughs his way to the bank as the taxpayers subsidize his six-figure salary. All while he does absolutely nothing for his voters but complain about crime and Democrats.

Just Wondering

That playground is in much better shape than the former Phipps nursery playground at 51 Street and 39 Ave. When will that be opened?

Gullible Republicans Believe in myths fairytales invisible gods and conspiracy theories

A great and worthy cause. Good work on getting that much needed funding.

Linda Reyes

This is a waste of funds.
The park is fine,
Someone got a pocket full of money to get this passed

Gay coach

How come every reader here is always appalled at the politicians in this area but nobody gets voted out? Lotta talkers in Woodside/sunnyside. Bla bla bla

Still no park

Still no update on 39th avenue park at 50th st that had funds allocated in 2019. Whered that money go?


We have homeless and poor Americans in NYC and in our area. I am all for improving common community grounds, but the park is fully functionable. Can’t our tax dollars go to a better cause then redoing parks that are fine. In a year, we will be having budget cuts. The Mayor has already announced 3% cuts in every agency. Is now the time for these types of expenses across New York City? We spend, spend, on extras and then budget cuts on essential services the following year. The poor financial patterns continue with our new elected leaders.

If you can’t afford to live here, move to a place you can afford.

@anonymous- Plenty if money is spent on “homeless and poor” Americans. Some money should go back to the people who are flipping the bill. Thank you Ms. Won we appreciate the upgrade and improvements.

So sad when money is ripped off

speaking of Jimmy Van B…. he got 500,000 to fix the famous 1960s sunnyside arch, few years went by, nothing happened…. then they got some shlubs to do a half assed job on it…. half the LEDs went out. They brought in more people to correct it.

If you pass by the Sunnyside arch now, take a look and have yourself a laugh, this is what politicians do with half a milllion.


speaking of JVB with all of his kick backs he was able to buy 3 homes in Puerto Rico go figure –


Did you hear that he just was appointed to a City position by the Mayor on Public Space Committee this week? Is he leaving the Girls Scouts? I don’t know why they hired him, he was only going to ‘use’ them until he could find a way back because, as he would say, ” We need him and he deserves to be paid with tax dollars.”

Another con job

Who negotiates these deals?!?!? I’ve worked in construction, realestate, property management and development and this is crazy over priced. The people negotiating this deal should be replaced. This is big government wasteful spending. Plus that play ground is not in that bad of shape.


They will start construction in the spring and won’t be finished until the first snowfall next year.

Playground closed for how long?

Much too much money when play area is very functional and city is facing huge deficits. $7.1 million! How long will playground be closed?


this money was allocated when JVB was in office what happened to it – i guess he bought another house in PR

Duffy speaks

$7 million bucks?
Did I read that right?
Is this a priority when the City is facing a Billion dollar operating deficit in 23-24?
How long will the existing playground be closed?
When I was a kid, this playground had an enclosed sprinkler area!

The Big Apple Circus

So they will be spending 9.2 million in 15 years for a play ground. Over pay much? These government contracts are so corrupt. Lots of envelopes


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