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Residents Say They are at Risk, As Fire Hydrant is Buried

Photo: QueensPost

Jan. 28, 2011 Staff Report

Residents who live near the corner of 60th Street and 38th Avenue are concerned that the FDNY would not be able to help them if there were to be a fire.

Residents say that their fire hydrant is buried and that the additional storms that are forecast will make the situation worse.

This district’s new state senator Mike Gianaris said he is following up on the case. He said he had reached out to the authorities who gave him assurances that the hydrant would be cleared.

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I live on a block where we are wonderful neighbors we all help shovel each other except for one neighbor who until this snow has refulsed to clean her side walk. We really need to be good neighbors and help each other or do the extra work ourseves just to do the right thing. It is now always so easy and our neighbors are not always so nice. But we donot want some elderly person to fall and die sowe help


Why does a state senator have to get involved? At the most, the Councilman, perhaps, but how about neighbors getting together to deal with it?

Then again I live next door to people who insist upon putting piles and piles of material out for recycling just the other day. So what can we expect? Then we wonder why Queens is disrespected and receives lower quality services…we don’t respect each other!


Jose, don’t forget the last paragraph. The “new State Senator” Mike Giannaris said he is following up on the case”. What “case”? Giannaris is a low-level bureaucrat and one of the reasons our taxes are sky high.


Great pictures by the sunnysidepost. I thought we were suppose to did out our fire hydrants so their fire dept can find them. Your do not need a shovel to do this how about a few hands or your food for 30 seconds of work. We need to be more neighborhly around here. We need to work togethrr. How about some uity in this bad weather.


The one who took the picture is at fault here. Get a shovel and do it yourself. Small wonder that NYC’s called a “Nanny” city.


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