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Woman in Her 60s Jumps off Sunnyside Building

41-00 43rd Avenue (Photo: Google Earth)

Feb. 16, 2014 By Christian Murray

A woman jumped off a Sunnyside building to her death yesterday.

The police said that a female in her 60s jumped from an unknown floor from an apartment building-located at 41-00 43rd Avenue at 8:15 am Saturday.

The police were not sure what floor of the six-story building she leaped from.

EMS arrived on the scene only to find her dead on the sidewalk outside the building.

The police did not release her name.

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Celtic Bark

As far as that building being cursed, the entrance certainly has some occult-ish looking decor around it.


She was not found on the side-walk. She landed on the concrete at the back of the building. A very nice woman who unfortunately was suffering from cancer.


She was a very kind person and I am so sorry for the immense sadness that caused her to take her life. I’m so very, very sorry for her friends and family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


There is a difference between jumped and fell. Hopefully we hear more about this “thorough” investigation. If someone wanted to kill herself she should could do better than jumping off 6th floor.
Why doesn’t each precinct post what’s happening on their own blog/website?


This is my building. She wasn’t pushed. She was a lovely woman. It was a horrible morning yesterday. I have to say, the Sunnyside precinct did a thorough investigation (unlike the Lou Rispoli case) and were here for several hours.

Celtic Bark

How do they know she jumped and wasn’t pushed? They don’t even know what floor she fell from. according to this article.

Sunnyside Native

Gosh, that building is cursed! First the Lou Ridpoli murder and now this. May she rest in peace!

Rick Duro

I learned about this from one of the owners of OK Food this morning.

She was a Korean woman, a former neighbor of mine when I lived in that bldg (01-03), she had a small mini pinscher dog.

Rest in Peace.



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