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Woman Dead, Man Arrested Following Shooting


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Oct. 30, 2011 Staff Report

A woman who was shot in the head Monday night in Maspeth/Woodside died Thursday, according to police.

Delilah Cordova, 21, was shot in an apartment on 64th Street, near 51st Avenue, and rushed to Elmhurst Hospital.

The police have arrested Elijah Stamateris, 22, who lives in that apartment. He was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment. His first court appearance is on Nov. 15.

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You all need to have some respect. Shame on you all. This was a tragedy. This young life was taken from her. She was a beautiful, vibrant, intelligent soul whom NONE of you knew. Delilah was part of my family’s life for 16 years. How dare you believe what you read? The media’s job is to stretch the truth for a “better” story. Lilah was and will always be remembered for her contagious smile and unforgettable laugh. Her kind heart and selfless attitude. No one here but her own mother know the true Delilah or what was in her heart and mind.

She had so many dreams and aspirations. So many more goals to achieve in this life. She will always be remembered and she will always be loved. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK and don’t assume what you read is always true. Have respect for Delilah, her family, her friends and yourselves.

May she forever rest in peace on God’s side. We miss you soooooo much baby girl. You have no idea. <3


Thats why this world is so horrible. Hate,arrogance and negativity in the people no compassion anymore. People talk without knowing. So please try to have a little respect for the family. She was a bright, beautiful young woman. she lived only three blocks away, knew from grade school. If she knew he had a gun she wouldnt have been there. And she was no stoner.She finished school, medical assitant etc. I pray he gets what he deserves cuz this was no accident. She was a positive light that everyone was drawn to her. She so good the good lord took her. Shes my angel, love you Delilah forever my MUNECA.


im 47, been enjoying marijuana every day since i was 14, it didnt gateway me into any thing, im a college grad, a responsible family man,
in good physical & mental state. and i knw many other people my age who also use & hold professional positions. the tragic inccedent that took this young womens life had noting to do with marijuana, it has to do with the glorification of the gangster life style that most teens in our society are exposed to, by the way of movies, music, & other media.
marijuana is a herb that induces a calming effect, a peaceful state of mind. unlike crack, meth, & the kind ur doctor gives u.


So it’s ok to shoot a gun at someone when the safety isn’t on? Had he not been under the influence I’m pretty sure he would have thought twice and double checked if the safety was on. She wasn’t so smart herself for staying in a house knowing that their was a gun, people need to stop defending the weed and read some books, some medical journals not that bullshit you read online.

old friend

I remember her. She was such a beautiful girl. I cnt believe people could be so stupid and take someones life like that. I hope she rests in peace regardless of sany negative comments made of her. Woodside will miss your beauty


This girl was a nurse and had a Job at a medical office, it just amazes me how people can get away with that. She’s dealing with peoples lives- the drugs are a contributing factor to this crime and that kid was just really stupid.


friendofhers, if you have ever been to an N.A. meeting or a Nar Anon meeting you would know differently. Please stop the name calling. YOU ARE WRONG!!!! The police believe that drugs were involved and I am tired of hearing that marijuana is harmless! Try talking to the relatives of addicts and ask them what it is like! But that would assume that you actually care. You don’t. I hope the family of the victim obtains justice.


Time’s Up, the kids I know who are experimenting with Mary Jane have gone on to use X and who knows what else. They have also stolen from their own families to buy drugs. I am sick of hearing that drug use is a victimless crime. It isn’t. Maybe you know when to walk away from casual drug use but many people do not. It does a lot of damage. Would you want your airplane pilot to be a drug user?

Time's Up

“It is a gatway drug and obviously makes people stupid.”

Oh lord.

There are so many places I could go with this that I’m a bit overwhelmed.

I’d like to think that you’re a troll and are just playing around. But, judging from your prolific commenting on this site, I fear that you are indeed sincere.

So I’ll skip the bells & whistles and get straight to the point – no, marijuana is not a gateway drug, and no, it does not
“make people stupid.” Next time, please do a little research before spewing nonsense.

Melisa Pellot

Having a loaded handgun in one’s house would be the stupid part. No one I know who smokes marijuana has ever decided that it would be a good idea to keep a deadly weapon in their residence, to “handle” it when they have visitors, or ended up killing anyone with it.


BTW: I notice that Raquel had this scoop first. Again, prayers for the victim. And please don’t state that marijuana is harmless. It is a gatway drug and obviously makes people stupid.


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