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NYPD: Woman Butchered to Death in Woodside

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June 5, 2013 By Christian Murray

A Woodside woman was found stabbed to death in her home Tuesday evening, according to police.

The 31-year-old woman, who was not immediately identified, had been butchered by her boyfriend. She had stab wounds to her face and torse when cops responded to a 911 call at a her 32-48 55 Street home, according to police.

She was pronounced dead when the cops arrived on the scene at 5:35 pm, police said.

The alleged perpetrator, covered in blood, then beat down another woman and battled two cops while trying to make a getaway in Queens, sources said.

The man was eventually taken into custody but had not been charged with a crime as of Wednesday morning, sources said.

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Somebody asked me what I thought of our neighborhood (somebody interested in buying an apartment). I told her it is not as safe as some people would have you think and that we have had some unusual murders lately. I also told her that while Skillman Avenue looks like “fun”, you have to deal with the drunken crowd on the weekends. I also told her that the 108th seems incapable of solving major crimes. She got the picture.


She only lived there since June 1st. And he ran past me as he was running from the cops with a bloddy t-shirt in his hand, so definitly guilty… and high as a kite.


God damn monsters are living among us, these people are the reason everyone feels uncomfortable when someone is walking few yards behind them just happen to head the same direction. When that happens I try to walk much faster and just pass if it is a lady to avoid making them uncomfortable..

Nosey Parker

Christian is styling himself after the NYPost on this story. And he just refuses to hire a good copy editor, which is a mistake.

@Dave The world needs sticklers. You would make a good copy editor.


The story is all over the place… CBS has the suspect as a homeless person, Pedro Sanchez. Is this also the boyfriend reported on the Daily News? They also say the name of the victim is Katherine Seeber.


Lets hope she had no kids.
Victims of domestic violence see it coming..

Uhh… yes u are.
Thanks for babysiting America’s future.


Though I’m a teacher and often ironically (verbally!) refer to the NYPD or police as po-po to my high school students, I don’t think journalists should use the word “cops” in their reporting. Police is the more acceptable term for journalistic style, right? Or am I just being a stickler?

43rd & 43rd

@Anonymous, if the victim knew the perpetrator? Reread the article…he was her boyfriend.

I agree with @7TrainDelays about the wording of the article. You can’t be “butchered to death.” And yeah, butchering is really not the same as stabbing. How he “beat down” another woman, and what that entails, is also completely unclear.

In general I think Mr. Murray was trying to make this more eye-catching and sensationalized. I understand that need especially if you’re trying to get hits, but I don’t think this is the way to do it at all. More facts, on the other hand, could do the trick.

Who called 911? Did she dial before her boyfriend finished killing her? Did a neighbor call? Had a neighbor ever called before? How many of Sunnyside’s few murders are domestics? How many of Sunnyside’s other crimes (assault, etc.)? How many women have been killed by their partners in Sunnyside, or in the city, this year? I think those facts are going to be surprising/intriguing/disturbing to many readers. Certainly more than the overdone “butchered to death!!! covered in blood!!!” could be.


There could be reasons why they haven’t actually charged him–they can hold for a certain amount of time without a charge; perhaps the DA is weighing his options.

I agree on the headline, it’s a bit sensationalistic and what I’d want to know is if the victim knew the alleged perpetrator or not.

Are we becoming more aware of the crime? I think so. Overall rates, even if we believe they are skewed toward the positive, are still lower than in the past. What’s different now are more people dedicated to reporting the news (this wouldn’t necessarily have made the Daily News).

Also, NY1 having beats for each borough helps with crime coverage. I heard this story this morning but missed the part about it being in our part of Queens.


The headline is misleading, not to mention sensationalized.

The article tells us she was stabbed – and as horrific as that is, it’s not the same as butchering, which means to cut and dismember into pieces.


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