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With time running out, resident shoots video of 5 Pointz

July 1, 2013 Staff Report

With the wrecking ball looming, local resident George Burles shot this video of the famed 5 Pointz “Aerosol Art Center” from street level.

The video spotlights the artwork as well as the tourists who make the pilgrimage to Long Island City’s “Graffiti Mecca.”

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I agree that some of these are pretty darn great, but too much has been clustered on the walls and every available space that it looks like a blob of grafitti from far away and looks like any other building that has been vandalized by unwanted graffitti.



You’re right, I never thought of that and I bet lots of Sunnysiders didn’t either.

I love going for a walk and having the view of the Empire State Building in the distance. When I have friends over, I’m always proud to show them the view and point out that such a relatively quiet and unassuming neighborhood is so close to midtown Manhattan. This will be a huge loss for Sunnyside.


What a shame. This is art. I hope someone spray paints the new glass “development” for trust fund babies. Another issue is the height of this building which will block views of the empire state building from our hood.


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