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Windmuller Pool Opens Thursday, Along With 52 Other Outdoor NYC Pools

City Parks Dept.

June 25, 2019 Staff Report

The Windmuller Pool in Woodside opens Thursday along with 52 other outdoor New York City pools.

City pools traditionally open the day after public schools close.

The Windmuller Pool, located at 54th Street and 39th Road., will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., except for a cleaning break between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., seven days a week. These are the standard hours for all city pools set by the Parks. Dept.

City pools, which are free, will remain open through to Sunday, Sept. 8.

There are seven pools in Queens. Click for the locations.

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Windmuller Park last night (July 3rd) was a disgrace. The cherry bombs started at 12:15 a.m. There are a lot of apartments surrounding the Park and I am sure no one got any sleep. Where were the cops? Anonymous


did they figure out how to get rid of the Cryptosporidium parasites that supposedly are tolerant to chlorine? the NY Post had an article 4 days ago on it.

George kelly

Its always been a kids pool..I swam in this same pool as a Sunnyside kid in the early 70’s..Its called 52 street pool by the Way..
This is hilariously pathetic that ,me as a born sunnysider,50 years later am explaining about 52 street pool.
Oh,by the way,anyone can take pictures in all public spaces,so watch out for the kiddie grabbers,they gravitate to all city pools , and yes these creeps are allowed to photograph kids..IT’S THEIR RIGHT,AS PER LIBERAL STANDING POLICIES OF INCLUSIVENESS.YEP,DISGUSTING…


I always think your posts are funny because you’re just rambling, but then I remember my grandpa had serious dementia and feel bad 🙁

Look below

What’s hilarious is that there is no internet information about this pool being a children’s only pool! Check out my other comments.


Certainly our progressive residents can’t wait to welcome the nearby homeless shelter families for some fun in the pool

Good job turning a story about a pool into a tired political rant

Very original to rant about the homeless on a completely unrelated article, but why aren’t AOC and bike lanes to blame?

What I've learned from Windmuller pool!

It is a children’s only pool. However if a child is under a certain height (I think 3ft) then an adult is permitted to enter the pool with them. Nobody is permitted to sit on the edges to sunbathe and read a book (yes, somebody stupidly tried to do this last summer and they were furious when they were told they weren’t at a beach and needed to get in the pool or get out!). The pool only has a certain number of children permitted at any one time (I can’t remember what it is – but plan accordingly!) Just know that your kid might not get in straight away upon arrival! Kids are allowed in for a 30minute session then they must leave the pool and line up on a separate line to the kids who were not already in the pool. They can re-enter as long as the ‘dry’ line has not reached the maximum amount of kids allowed in the pool. If you have boys make sure they are not wearing underwear under their swimtrunks. The lifeguards check every boy entering. Tell your kid to pull over the side of his trunks rather than the front as directed by the lifeguards (for obvious reasons). Also – there are no lockers! It is literally a caged pool with a slab of concrete to put your kids towel and flip-flops. Lastly, it is a public swimming pool – so don’t take photos!! It’s not allowed and they do take notice of you do! And nobody likes peeping Tom’s/Tammy’s at the pool. It’s weird!

Sorry for harping on this but...

That location link is bs! Windmuller pool says ABSOLUTELY JACK about it being a CHILDREN’S POOL only!!

yes collusion

I’m doing a preliminary scan of the pool for any feces, I’ll post my findings online as The Windmuller Report.


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