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Wild Video Shows Group of Unmasked Partiers Turn a MTA Bus Into Hookah Lounge in Maspeth

Aug. 12, 2020 By Allie Griffin

Dozens of unmasked partiers took over a MTA bus and turned it into an ad hoc hookah lounge and dance soirée over the weekend, wild video shows.

Video posted to World Star Hip Hop on Tuesday shows a large group of young people on board a MTA bus drinking, smoking hookah, singing and gyrating to loud music. No one in the video is wearing a face covering, which are required onboard buses and subways.

The rowdy group also appears to have taken over the entire bus, including the restricted area near the bus driver’s seat.

The B48 bus had just departed the Grand Avenue Depot near 49th Place in Maspeth early Sunday morning when it was ambushed by the partying crew at 3:35 a.m.

The party-goers jumped on board the bus when the MTA driver was attempting to get by double parked cars that were blocking the bus from moving. The party only lasted about 15 minutes.

The MTA condemned the young people for putting the bus driver at risk.

“This group not only put themselves at risk, based on the fact that no one was wearing a mask, but more important to me, they put my bus operator at risk,” said Craig Cipriano, President, MTA Bus and SVP, NYCT Department of Buses. “Bus operators are out there moving the city – they’ve been doing so since March.”

MTA workers and specifically bus drivers were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic at its height. Dozens of bus drivers were lost to the deadly disease.

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Gardens Watcher

It’s 3:30AM. Do you know where your children are? On the bus that night? Better get a Covid test.


If it they were dancing to a BLM anthem the media would of said it was peaceful and epic.


This is what happens when you have people on lockdown for months and you let law and order break down with no end in sight
Enough !


The people who are writing favorable letters are total morons. And they will complain that minority communities are getting hit hard by coronavirus. Well that’s why!

The Double Dutch Bus

Don Cornelius and his gang having fun . At least they kept to themselves .
Only in NY 😃

Science works politicizing doesn’t work

All Lives – It’s a virus not visible to the naked, it doesn’t make people sick immediately. A virus particle attaches to a host cell. The particle releases its genetic instructions into the host cell. The injected genetic material recruits the host cell’s enzymes. The enzymes make parts for more new virus particles. This process is not immediate it takes days.


These Trump supporters and their refusal to socially distance and wear masks are destroying our city…

COVID is SKYROCKETING in the red states

Trump told millions of people red stats to “liberate” themselves from public health. Is he a democrat? I’ll give you time to think about it.

That's their problems.

People have to stop blindly following someone who is glib.

How can these people survive a NORMAL world without thinking for themselves???

They shouldn't take the president's advice about a pandemic?!

Why are you criticizing him? He’s doing a great job so far (except the economy and jobs and deaths).


I’m glad I retired from the MTA. Only thing that would of happened if the driver did anything to stop them is that he/she would be suspended.


They are just peaceful protesters. They are protesting the social distancing orders. Do people not have the right to protest?


“This group not only put themselves at risk, based on the fact that no one was wearing a mask, but more important to me, they put my bus operator at risk,” said Craig Cipriano, President, MTA Bus and SVP, NYCT Department of Buses.

Masks.?! That’s the only problem here? Seriously?


As Governor Como told the youth..”This is not the time to fight for your right to party. I respect your right to party. I fully respect it. I would enshrine it in the state law, if you want to know. You have the right to party.” And then goes around and tells Millionaires “You got to come back! We’ll go to dinner! I’ll buy you a drink! Come over, I’ll cook!” So minorities and the young should stay home unless they are rich or protesting.


All I saw was a bus full of minorities peacefully protesting unfair wages compared to their white counter part. So why are they going after them? Remember, protest= ok. Large gatherings for no reason = fines.


People aren’t teaching their kids civility and respect, or self respect for that matter anymore. What they’re doing is coddling them and teaching them that they’re “special” and they can do whatever the hell they want.


It goes to show you how certain groups feel they can get away with anything in this city now. Mocking social distancing rules and showing the country what power they think they have over NYC streets. Some may laugh but your place of business, home or car could be next. Sure lets tax billionaires in NYC to solve their problems and feed them. No one on that bus looked hungry. This act is an insult to us all especially cuomo and de blasio.


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