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WATCH: Knife-Wielding Man Slashes Worker Inside La Quinta Hotel Sunday

Jan. 11, 2021 By Michael Dorgan 

Police are searching for a knife-wielding man who launched a vicious attack on a worker inside a Long Island City hotel Sunday morning – slashing him several times before the victim managed to break free.

The suspect was loitering inside the hotel lobby of La Quinta Inn, located at 37-18 Queens Blvd., at around 6:15 a.m. before he asked a hotel worker at reception for a bottle of water, police said.

The victim, who was behind the reception desk, stepped out from behind the counter and handed him the bottle of water before the suspect pulled out a knife and attacked the worker, police said.

The hotel worker can be seen on CCTV footage putting his hands out to defend himself before retreating backward and eventually falling to the ground.

The suspect jumped on top of the man and began slashing him with the knife, police said.

The pair tussled before the worker eventually fought his way free then ran behind reception and locked the door.

The suspect can then be seen walking casually to the exit before fleeing the scene on foot.

The hotel worker, 33, was transferred to New York Health + Hospitals/ Elmhurst in a stable condition with slash wounds to his hands and left ear.

Police said the suspect was not a customer at the hotel and no motive for the attack has been given.

Anyone with information in regard to this incident is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers Hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or for Spanish, 1-888-57-PISTA (74782). The public can also submit their tips by logging onto the Crime Stoppers website at WWW.NYPDCRIMESTOPPERS.COM, or on Twitter @NYPDTips.

The suspect and La Quinta Inn, located at 37-18 Queens Blvd. (NYPD and Google Maps)

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Concerned Citizen

okay, go take a stroll in Queensbrige or Brownsville between 10pm and 3am and lets see how much statistics matter then.


The homeless will soon be able to get vaccinated. They will get permanent homes soon because Cuomo said he wants to turn empty hotels and apartments into affordable housing units throughout the city. I am sure many owners will comply instead of going broke.


ENOUGH! If we don’t start locking these thugs up and sentence them to 30+ or even better, expedite death sentence, they are going to take over.
This is ridiculous, a city with the biggest police force in the world and we have to put up with this.

Seven year old?

No matter how old the brother is, he should have been with parents.

Adults need to think for the safety of their children.


The older brother was 24 years old. What do you think mom or dad could do that a grown male adult could not.

Mr. Sunshine

Sunnyside will only continue to get worse. I’ve been living in the neighborhood since 1991 and never remember it being this bad. VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!!


Me.Sunshine- I’ve lived in Sunnyside since the 1950’s and know if you want a living wage, educational opportunities and a much more egalitarian society vote Democratic. The wealthiest states per capita, according to US Census, the states that produce the most millionaires and billionaires, lowest crime rates according to FBI statistics, most citizens with access to healthcare are almost all exclusively democratic leaning states. The poorest states per capita according to US Census the highest crime according to FBI statistics, least number of citizens without healthcare and highest infant mortality rates are all Republican states such as Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri Louisiana, South Carolina etc. Just look it up. Facts are facts.


Concerned Citizen, you think Sunnyside has community? People here (mostly politicians) only concerned about bike lanes and legalizing weed and other random pointless nonsense. Is this guy going to be caught, if so, what difference will it make? They need to close all these hotels, and eliminate “affordable housing” nonsense. Only affordable housing should go to working families with children, and after background check. There are a lot of affordable housing other parts of the city, or they can move out of state, it’s that simple. If you work hard, and did not get in trouble, welcome to neighborhood, certainly deserve affordable housing. Deadbeats, criminals, out-of-state nobodies not welcome.

Will he ever hear from local politicians, or maybe we will hear from them if NYPD shoots one of these thugs and then they will cry defund police?


He asks a guy for a bottle of water. After getting the bottle of water, he stabs the guy?

This perp belongs in a cage.


Here we go again! This sort of thing is a daily event for NYC and continues to rise in Sunnyside while our mayor and other officials including JVB do nothing. Their failed policies emptied the jails, done nothing about the homeless issues and allowed groups of thugs to terrify the elderly and destroy property throughout the city. However, we do have open spaces as our poor restaurants get hammered by the terrible policies. Please vote these failures out of office!


This was terrible to look at. I pray the hotel worker heals and thankfully he was not killed.

Liza P.

This is what keeps happening and will continue to happen until the community gets together to protest these homeless shelters! This neighborhood was never this bad! CLOSE THESE SHELTERS!!

You voted for this

Some people will do anything for a free pair of Mets tickets. Or did this guy just want a loaf of bread?

Concerned Citizen

Future inhabitant of the new low income housing development approved in Sunnyside. Progressive’s sure know how to attract model citizens to the neighborhood.

Do ya’ll ever wonder why this doesn’t happen in Howard beach park, middle village, Riverdale, Brooklyn Heights, etc… Because those communities care about preserving the safety and cleanliness of those neighborhoods. They have council members that REJECT homeless shelters…REJECT large housing developments to preserve the suburb feel of 1 or two family homes. It’s no reason that those neighborhoods are the best in the city.

Ya’ll voted for this.

run forest run

Good point Concerned Citizen. unfortunately the majority of the residents that voted for this are renters that don’t really care what happens to the neighborhood. as they will move on when the life quality goes down. Unlike us home owners that cant just pick up and go whenever we want. No better case than today’s movement of people that are leaving the city. they don’t own anything which gives them the liberty to move. They will just hang around while things are good & for the semi cheap rent. I suppose one could even call them cowards.


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