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Vivire, a Greenpoint Ave. Bar, Opened Last Week Adding Life to What Was Once a Desolate Stretch

41-21 Greenpoint Ave. (Photo: QueensPost)

Sept. 8, 2014 By Christian Murray

Vivire, a cozy bar located at 41-21 Greenpoint Avenue, opened Thursday on a stretch of Greenpoint Avenue that has long been known for its empty storefronts.

Javier Garcia, the manager of Vivire, said that the owners were originally going to open a soccer bar but instead changed their minds and decided to open an establishment targeting young professionals. He said that the bar offers a wide selection of wine and scotch to cater to this group.

Garcia expects the bar will help bring this section of Sunnyside back—and provide residents on the south side of Queens Blvd with another nice venue to go to. “People are glad that we have opened,” Garcia said. “The community has been really supportive.”

Greenpoint Avenue, between 40th and 41st Streets, has improved significantly in the past 12 months. Foodtown, which had closed in 2012, has been replaced by C-Town; Don Pollo, the Peruvian restaurant, moved in last July; Blue Z Liquor took over an empty store earlier this year, and Vivire has replaced the vacant Lowery Medical Care.

Furthermore, Thalia Theater, which is located on the block, is about to undergo a $4.5 million renovation.

Garcia said that the bar will also help bring people to the area. He said he has started offering happy hour specials between 12 pm and 7 pm–where select beers are $3, well drinks are $5 and specialty cocktails are $6.


In other news, Signature Paint & Home Center opened on 46th Street, taking over a little more than half the space that was previously occupied by Grand 99 Cent Store at 45-24 46th Street.

The store is a Pratt & Lambert authorized paint dealer—and carries a full line of hardware, plumbing, electrical, and janitorial supplies. The store is geared to a broad range of customers—from those who want to buy just a few nuts and bolts—to those who want to buy in bulk.


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Relax Todd!!! You sound like a terrible person.
I love a happy hour that covers the afternoon and lots of great bars offer a noon to seven happy hour. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

43rd & 43rd

Seems like we have a bunch of hardware stores with even more coming in. Still, anything is better than another 99c store!


Went there for happy hours lame beyond lame. Bartender is the furthest thing from a bartender looks like they picked her up at some low class bar on Roosevelt doping in the back.
Who does happy hour for seven hours omg can bar rescue come back to the hood and teach these people bar 101 please???

Love my bike

I went to Vivire when it first opened and over all it was nice (nice inside, good cocktails) but I don’t think they will last. It seems like they don’t know what they want to do with the bar. They have some good beers but non of them on top. They want to be a whisky/wine bar but their selection is VERY small. Not everyone (me) knows their whisky/wine like a pro so a little booklet of the bottle list and description would work wonders. And the bartender does not have any class.
I will give it another try one day.

ėürõ snòb

emtdddtd or whatever, you’re obviously a troll. the place has dim lighting, a large selection, the staff was awesome and when I walked in classic rock was cranking and people were having a great time. Everything you complained about was the opposite in reality.

if the place is packed and youre hanging your head in the corner bitching to yourself, go somewhere else.


Ruben on Wry…I’m not going to that cray? That place is a front for drug laundering. why you think they don’t serve food? Damn place is like straight outta Desperado…so unless you got a guitar full of guns…I’m not going!


I know who you are (Ruben)..just because they wouldn’t serve your sixteen year old pot smoking ass,don’t try to make them the baf one’s. ..asshole

Bartolo's Cologne

Went in the other night and the place looks great. They did a very nice job with it. Good drinks and will be going back. Best of luck to them.

Ruben on Wry

Hey Ruben let’s go hoist a few and look at the real estate section so I can help you get out of the neighborhood. I figure this place will jump start the process. Come join us Hipster Thug and all you young folk ruining the hood.


This is a great new place! They don’t serve food yet, but plan to at some point. Great atmosphere. So happy to have something near me to go to.


I patiently waited for Vivire to open all summer long. What a disappointment when it finally did! They have a very limited drink selection, the staff was rude, music was horrible, the lights were very bright and the overall vibe was off. We were told that the owner bar tends in the West Village. He needs to spend more time with his staff in Sunnyside if he wants the place to last. Good luck!


Have been to Vivire, it was great and they have a nice atmosphere and a very good selection of wines, cocktails and beers.


Its so nice to see new business coming to the Southside. I really like Vivire, and hope they do well! The family that runs Signature Paint seems really nice and knowledgable too.


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