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Viral Video Shows Man Shoving Asian Woman to the Ground, Actress Olivia Munn Appeals To Cops For Help

An image of the alleged suspect and 135-45 Roosevelt Ave. (@oliviamunn and Google Maps)

Feb. 17, 2021 By Michael Dorgan

A video has gone viral of a man shoving an Asian woman to the pavement in Flushing – sparking an appeal to cops from actress Olivia Munn.

The video, which has gained nearly 50,000 views on Instagram, appears to show the man push a woman to the ground following a verbal altercation near Main Street on Tuesday.

The grainy surveillance footage was posted by the victim’s daughter Maggie Kayla Cheng Wednesday, who said in a previous post that the man made racial slurs against her mother.

The incident was reported to the police, which said the assault took place outside New Flushing Bakery, located at 135-45 Roosevelt Ave., at around 2 p.m.

The footage posted by Cheng also appears to show the man throw an item at the victim before he lurches toward her.

He then grabs the woman with both hands, pushes her a few steps backward and then aggressively flings her to the ground. The suspect then turns around and walks away.


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The push caused the woman, 52, to hit her head against an object, according to police. She was transported to Booth Hospital by EMS with minor injuries.

An image of the alleged assailant was tweeted out by actress Olivia Munn, who appealed to the NYPD to track him down. Munn said that she is a friend of Maggie Kayla Cheng.

“We’re gonna find this guy. Queens, Internet, please… do your shit,” Munn wrote.

Cheng wrote that her mother passed out on the pavement and required a number of stitches to her forehead.

“What if she landed the wrong way?” Cheng wrote. “Thankfully she is okay with some stitches. But elderly people die from hard falls. I can’t describe the emotions I am feeling,” she posted.

Cheng said she posted the video to draw attention to hate crimes against Asians. There were 27 reported hate crimes against Asians last year, according to a report by The City, citing NYPD data. The number is up dramatically from 2019, when just three incidents were reported.

It is unclear what the suspect said to the woman or what caused the argument.

An NYPD spokesperson said that the initial police report makes no mention that the crime was racially motivated. However, victims are encouraged to reach back out to investigators when they recall additional information.

The suspect was last seen wearing a red jacket and gray pants, cops said.

The NYPD said that photos of the alleged suspect being circulated online have not yet been verified by police and the investigation is ongoing.

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Johnny Cakes

He has been apprehended. Guarantee he has done something like this before and/or has harmed animals.


Yes it is!! You’re more prone to illness and at risk for many diseases and health problems including long-term aches and pains after a fall or a push. As my doctors say your body simply does not work or heal the same after 40. All this talk about 50 being the new 30 is such BS. Ask anyone under 30 and most will say over 40 is old unless your a celebrity and pay for cosmetic procedures.

Not Too Old To Rock 'n Roll

Of course anyone under 30 is going to say anyone over 40 is old. Anyone under 17 is going to say anyone over 30 is old. When the under 30 crowd turns 40, they won’t think it’s so old anymore.

Why do Trump lovers deny hate crimes?

54 million Americans 50 and over have osteoporosis, meaning being violently shoved to the ground is dangerous.

Something about the assailant makes Trump lovers eager to dismiss this crime. I wonder what it is ?

Shoving ladies to the ground is ok below a certain age

I agree, shoving a 52-year-old to the ground is fine. What about 55? 58? 62? Please just let us know where this unprovoked crime is “officially” dangerous.

Restricted dues not mean suspend

If Trump didn’t close the pandemic office the Obama administration set up for the sole outpost of tracking pandemics out of this very region, America wouldn’t have the most cases and deaths from the virus in the world. Trumps media buddies are scapegoating Asians to protect a failed negligent and incompetent administration.

Nice try snowflake

Look at all the Anti-Asian hate crimes across the country. Señor Mateo is part of the BLM crew who now want anything and everything handed to them in the name of black and brown “systemic racism.”


Many of these attacks are from mentally ill people. We hear about one every other day in NYC whether it be on the train or on the sidewalk. MTA is demanding more cops patrolling the train, why not add more cops on sidewalks in residential and business areas!!

Also the pandemic

I think that the Trump Flu that killed 400,000 Americans was the true pandemic all along

Sarcastic Pessimist

It’s Main Street in Flushing in the middle of the day! Where are all the Asians holding this guy down or beating him? Asians need to fight back! Stop marching with people who will be the first to turn around and punch you and your grandparents!


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