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Village Voice Names Top 10 Restaurants in Sunnyside/Woodside

Salt & Fat

Aug. 12, 2014 Staff Report

The Village Voice published an article today naming the top 10 restaurants in Sunnyside/Woodside.

The list featured restaurants such as Salt & Fat to I Love Paraguay.

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Mangal kabob is absolutely disgusting and over priced. I went there after this list was shown last week and I got so sick. The tatziki sauce exploded when I opened it because it wasn’t cold enough. Really bad place. The meat tasted old.


This list isn’t written for or to Sunnysiders, but to New Yorkers who like going out to eat and enjoy exploring the city and trying out new places. Many people have heard of Woodside and Sunnyside, and an article like this adds to their impression. We all understand that a “Best of” list is always subjective, and even a favorite restaurant can have variations in quality and service. If you want absolute consistency, then go to any fast food restaurant. If you want real food, made with real ingredients, then cooked and served by real people, then try one of the places on this last. Everyone that knows Sunnyside knows there are some real snobs who are never happy and will always focus on some negative aspect of life, but those folks are fading and will soon be gone. I’ve tried almost every restaurant on this list and can heartily recommend each one as an interesting and place place to enjoy a good meal.


Sorry,but while new york eats isn’t bad,its just a diner,and Dog and Duck is dreadful (and loud),and has lousy service,and gets extra points off for being so disrespectful to their neighbors(quiet down please).

Julia Assange

Actually reading the article: this is a joke, isn’t it? Murphy’s and Dog and Duck should have been on this and Bliss Tavern on Greenpoint and 47th. Some of these places are really fast food places, which is ok, but that could have been a separate list. Also, NY Eats has been good for years.


@ Rosie…Thanks for info. I never would have figured to go there as I don’t drink but now I think a visit to try their pizza is in the offing


@The Light…perhaps. On the other hand they might see the comments section as thoughts from a community that cares about eats in their neighborhood and likes to express their opinions. Any top 10 list (food, music, travel…whatever) will always lead to debate. Personally I care more about comments from diners rather than expert opinions when it comes to restaurants.

The Light

@KSNY all the non sunnysiders see is a bunch of whiny residents if they frequent this website and the comments section.

Celtic Bark

Agree with some previous comments re Turkish Grill. I’ve been there several times and it’s always been excellent. I also like the new décor they put in a couple years ago.


@ The Light….The idea of a top 10 list is to name the best (in this case sunnyside). It is directed at Sunnysiders and those interested in Sunnyside so we (flaming trolls as you put it) are free to debate and validate. Your bigger picture can be appreciated by non-sunnysiders but they will never know the real deal if we don’t put our two cents in.

The Light

What is so funny is that you guys don’t see the bigger picture. It is promoting the neighborhoods and showing the folks from the other boroughs that Sunnyside/Woodside has quality restaurants too. You guys are always too busy crying and complaining that you’ve lost sight of the whole purpose of the article. Any article that states top 10 restaurants of whatever neighborhood is always going to get bashed on by flaming trolls like you guys. Go and repent. LOL but please see the bigger picture.


The kitchen at P.J Horgan’s absolutely buries anything Donovan’s puts on a plate. And the old country ambience can’t be beat.


The list has obviously skewed a bit since the street vendors were booted from the underbelly of our subway


Mangal is OK but overpriced for what they sell, Turkish Grill has some additional items on the menu that makes it worth the extra few bucks and especially the ambiance & service is better at the Grill. If you want to try more Turkish food, definitely consider Sofra, they have a very friendly owner and it seems slow but he said he caters a lot to online orders. I have never been to Romanian Garden next door, for some reason it makes me feel unwelcomed unless I spoke Romanian. NY Style Eats is very cool, and reasonably priced with pretty fast service. Side Tracks can do a lot better on their menu and clientele seems like they all were misinformed about the joint. As for Pizza Places, I tried sunnyside pizza once or twice, I just didn’t get what the whole hype was about, I still prefer Marabella’s.


OMG Donavan’s ???? What a joke, maybe 20 years ago.Before the health dpt closed them down. WilliamsBurger’s new spot on greenpoint kicks all the burger wannabees ass!


I was going to mention how Mangal Kabob is way better than Turkish Grill…Good thing I read the article first, at least someone knows what they’re talking about there!

They can keep Taquiera Santa Fe – there’s WAY better (DeMole, and a few choice others that I keep secret so they don’t get overburdened)


Del Mole being left out is a travesty….Is it because they have an Astoria location too?

I think Dog and Duck is better than Donovan’s though both are not consistent.

Not to make a case for bourgie brooklyn but sunnyside needs some artisanal pizza a la Fornino/Roberta’s/Di’Fara etc.


I don’t like those places listed either. I agree with Nat, hippstathug, though we have never tried them. We just like the right to stay ignorant and opinionated at the same time. Admire our balancing act. OLDTIME OUT!


Of course the “trendy” restaurants are listed. That doesn’t mean their food is good. There are not many great restaurants here but De Mole and Turkish Grill are definitely in the top ten.


Aryoshi is my top pick….always consistently fresh, super yummy and i love the simple but warm decor.

Hipsta Thugg

donvans? really??
that pic with the heinz bottle and iceberg lettuce, cmon man, are you serious?

Natural tofu – so those three latino guys in the front window can cook Korean!? Maybe its my bad eyesight…

scratching my head how these places make it and no Turkish Grill which is Zagats 2nd highest rated Turkish food in NYC

Donovans pay these people off? Is Donovans really better than Turkish Grill?? Also Mole, pretty damn good. Sripraphai is pretty legendary, thats a no brainer.


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