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Firefighters Extinguish Sunnyside Car Fire

Sept. 15, 2013 By Christian Murray

A parked car erupted into flames on 40th Street this morning at around 6:00 am.

Residents were woken by loud popping sounds and exploding glass when a parked SUV at 43-28 40th Street was in flames.

Firefighters arrived on the scene at 6:02 am and quickly put out fire, according to the FDNY.  There were no injuries and the cause of the fire has not yet been determined.

The police press office had no information on the incident.

The vehicle was parked in front of a fire hydrant, which is also an alleyway to an area behind the building.

The SUV has been removed from the scene.

Charred Street (Photo: QueensPost)

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Sandy Cat

I am so glad I logged on today because those mini explosions the other morning scared the heck out of me…I’m on 40th, and I was sure my building was about to go up in smoke after hearing those small blasts, I even thought of packing it all up, cat and all! Then, no sirens, no smoke, no panic in the streets, so back to bed I went….I always wondered what that noise was all about.

Diane Ballek

The next meeting for the 108th Pct Community Council Meeting is Sept.24 at 7pm Sunnyside Community Service Center . Everyone should attend instead of complaining and knocking the 108th Pct .
Capt.Hennessy and his staff will be there hand to answer ALL complaints .


No Ins job, not blocking alleyway since there is no car entrance.
Thanks to vigilant and helpful neighbors the occupants were not badly injured since they had pulled over when the fire started.

Long time Sunnyside resident

I saw something during the week about another street naming. This s getting ridiculous

Long time Sunnyside resident

@p.s. unfortunately u are correct. The 108 never seems to ask the obvious questions and when you tell them the answers they don’t want to hear them. They have a tendency of making the victim feel like they are in the wrong. I have 1st hand knowledge of that.


LOng time – you should join the force – these are questions the 108th will think of 24 hours later…. long after the evidence is gone

Long time Sunnyside resident

Was someone peed off that was trying to get into the alleyway? Where does the alleyway lead to? Was it an insurance job? Why was the car parked in an illegal spot? How long was the car parked there?


I’m surprised that this happened one block away from me. I was sleeping around that time and woke up thinking it was balloons being popped from my neighbor’s party last night.


That is crazy! Do we know if there was another incident (related?) also on 40th street but on 47th Ave? I saw a bunch of fire trucks/ambulance/nypd around 5:30PM 9/14.


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