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Victoria’s Pizza Succumbs to Tough Economy

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Sept. 16, 2010 By Christian Murray

Victoria’s Pizza II, located at 43-46th Street, has gone out of business, according to a sign placed in its window.

The business had been put up for sale months ago. In July, the business was listed at $135,000.

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The owner of this pizza place back when this place was called Martiniellos III (or something to that effect) lead us to move to Sunnyside… after hopping off the train and stopping in for a slice, he pointed us to a broker down on 43rd Ave. We’ve since moved out of the neighborhood but it seems like there was a new owner every few months when we lived there.

I miss Sunnyside, so I guess I’ll have some kind of soft spot for that place, even if the pizza quality dwindled with each successive owner.


Agreed, the pizza at that place was awful. It didn’t help that it seemed to change ownership frequently, and with each change the quality declined.

I continue to be amazed at people who manage to accumulate enough money to OPEN a business but haven’t the first clue about staying in business (e.g., have CONSISTENTLY good food, attractive interior and signage, pleasant service, and be unique–if there are other pizza parlors/cell phone stores/nail salons/drugstores/pawn shops within 1-2 blocks, consider another location!)


Luckily I never ate there. The stale, day old slices always looked 3 days old. It was like looking at plastic models of pizza. That was enough to keep me walking. There’s a tasty, friendly new pizza joint on Qns. Blvd. Just serves pizza though. It’s between 39th and 40th maybe? On the north side. I concur with Conrad’s opinion on the Chinese place.


Sure, I’ll agree with the “ain’t that bad” review of Mediterraneo, Time’s Up, but that’s really not saying much.

45th and Skillman

Seeing how that corner is shaping up, I wonder what’s going in that spot now. Adult novelties, perhaps?


I only wish the awful Chinese place next door would fold as well. As a resident of this block, I’d gladly take the Pawn Shop if it came with a halfway decent place to eat next door. Worst pizza and Chinese ever, conveniently located next to each other (well, not anymore).


Ha ha, but not for this place. Plus, there are too many pizza places in Sunnyside. The relatively new Sunnyside Pizza is good, but otherwise I agree with your review.


@sj: FACT! That old saying “even bad pizza is still good” never visited Sunnyside, home of the worst pizza joints in the world.


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