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Venturo, Salt & Fat Win Coveted ‘Bib Gourmand’ Award

Photo: QueensPost

Sept. 24, 2014 By Christian Murray

The Michelin Guide has just released its 2015 “Bib Gourmand” picks and Salt & Fat and Venturo were among the picks for the best value for money.

These two restaurants were the only Sunnyside restaurants to receive the highly-coveted prize. Restaurants are evaluated for excellence on a budget (defined as two courses and wine or dessert for $40 a head).

The Bib Gourmand restaurant winners are widely considered the best and most affordable restaurants in New York.

The popular Thai restaurant Ayada, located at 77-08 Woodside Avenue, also received the award.

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Dorothy Morehead

@ u say I read or saw somewhere that Michelin started doing a dining guide to get people to drive. It was started at a time when there was little dining out–hard to believe now when most people eat out several times a week.

Lord Steven Regal

Venturo is WONDERFUL. If you can’t appreciate it don’t go there. All of you who complain about portion sizes are probably very very FAT. You feel its a personal affront if someone provides you with good quality food and reasonable portion sizes.

YOU are what’s wrong with America. YOU are driving up our healthcare costs with your heart attacks and your diabetes and your other weight related issues. Don’t blame Venture (which I love) for your ills. Look in the mirror if you can stand it.


Hipsters, if you had any idea how threatening you are to people with less education, less money, less time and far more experience than you have, you would be kinder.

Invaders, and please understand that is just exactly what you are, are never welcomed by the people who live in an area. Remember the old saw, “When in Rome do as as the Romans do”? It is wise advice to new people anywhere.

Why do you persist in denigrating the people who loved and cared for the place you now call home for the decades and decades when the city ignored it and let it degrade to a sad state for those of us who loved it? You must not understand how deeply insulting and terrifying you are.

Skinny Hipster

The good news is you won’t have to worry about skinny hipsters much longer as obesity and heart disease will surely kill you soon.


I love Salt and Fat. I wish them all the best. The decor in their is however some of the saddest and uninspired I have ever come across short of a strip mall in a 1990s suburban strip mall. It doesn’t not reflect the food in the least . Come on guys update! I promise it’ll be ok.


“Old People” ?? When’s the last time you ate with an old person slider??

The Grimster

I have at eaten Venturo on various occasions love the Food and the atmosphere. the Finer restaurants do not serve overwhelming portions if you want that go to the many diners we have in the neighborhood and eat you heart away.

u say tomaydo I say tomato

Never underrstood why a tire company has to tell everyone what food it good or not. How do they know better than everyone else?


I find the food delicious….yes I do agree that the portions could be larger…but if my appetite is insatiable …I head to the Butcher Block


I have had dinner at both multiple times and have enjoyed my meals. I am not a silly skinny hipster but rather a late 40’s former punk kid. It is refreshing to be able to have choices like this with smaller less expensive portions so you can eat multiple courses and get a nice variety of food.

Congratulations to both of them!


Hey, Me! Glad to see your post! I’m a bitter, clueless jackass too! Glad to see there are more of us in the neighborhood. I particularly like using the word “hipster” to describe anyone I don’t understand as well.

My favorite restaurants are McDonald’s and Golden Corral. I really wish it was still 1955. We have a lot in common! Let’s hang out sometime and choke on our own bile together.


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