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Vandals Tag Walls and Damage Cars on 43rd Avenue Saturday Night

Photo: QueensPost

March 9, 2014 Christian Murray

Eight cars parked on 43rd Avenue between 45th and 46th were targeted by vandals last night.

Vandals ripped off the side mirrors of the vehicles and left many of them lying on the pavement.

One man who was walking by this morning said: “This makes me sick? Why would anyone do this?”

Meanwhile, on the corner of 43rd Avenue and 43rd Street, graffiti had been freshly painted on the wall of Bill’s Wines & Liquor.

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off the Boulevard

Remember about twenty years ago having my car tagged constantly. This little artist was everywhere and the number after his tag I guessed was the street he lived on. The 108 as per usual was a waste of time. I finally took the law into my own hands and used the little bit god gave me.
I invested in a can of spray and found my target. It was the brand new car of a well known local Albanian drug dealer, who at the time was quite notorious in the hood. It was a risky move, but a minute later the sexy vehicle of our unfriendly local dealer had the little punks tag across its side. Result: Mysteriously all graffiti stopped for a number of years. I never did hear what happened to our aspiring Picasso.


More car vandalism? Wonderful. The same thing happened on 44th street between 47th Ave & 48th Ave back in November. Nice to know that the 108 havent done much about it.

leave my city

i lived here for 23 years.. Sunnyside wasn’t such a great place to live in back then but people didnt have to worry about ends meet. people who complain about the weed smell? at least theyre smoking weed instead of crack.


Ohhhhhh….little sensitive/defensive there sunnysidehatesme…did I strike a nerve per chance!! 😉
With all due respect, u r the one getting panties in a twist there buddy with that rant! Maybe u should go over to your neighbor, borrow some weed and mellow out!
All jokes aside – u do make some valid points. You are 100% right – it is not a game. Peoples lives are at stake so why so negative about our neighborhood!
You should have more pride than criticizing everything. Lamenting about the good old days will get you nowhere! Neighborhoods change – that’s part of life! People who left neighborhood taking cheap shots! Some of these people clearly have not moved on!
Also, what do u want to do – launch a vigilante campaign against hipsters!
U r correct that the schools are a massive issue in Sunnyside..but schools are an issue in city period!! That’s what you get with low taxes. You pay high taxes in Westchester, Long Island and you get better schools. You pay for what you get!
All I will say is good for the people who had foresight to buy in this neighborhood! The people who own those beautiful houses in the gardens with tree lined streets. Would u prefer these people be in negative equity. As u grew up here – am sure you and all the other people lving here for years got on that one and own a place(s) as you had a head start on most! I mean, you would have been a dumb@ss not to 😉
You guys need to relax on the conspiracy theories that everyone is out to get you and destroy our beloved Sunnyside! Rents go up because heating oil, gas, DEP, insurance, maintenance, etc., have all gone up dramatically in past few years. I cannot say they have gone up relative to rent as I don’t know – but they sure as hell have gone up significantly.

say what?

If you know who vandalized your car why don’t you call the cops? They will do something .


This neighborhood had gotten disgusting with graffiti. Is anyone more disgusted than me? Same names only spelt differently. Can’t tell me p.d. doesn’t know their tags. From Sunnyside to L.I.C. on the way to the city ways, etc. all over the place. LESO was spray painted on the hood of my car in front of my job on Greenoint Ave. in front of my job. Can you not tell it is the same person when he mixes up his letters And he lives on 45th St on the side of Wendy’s? He’s not even a kid. He is an adult! WTF


By the way when are we getting police presence at 46 bliss station ?? For the 4th week in a row I had to walk down to the booth side to buy my metrocard because of course the junkies that jam the vending machines were on site again…….


Maybe if we keep begging for a Payless Shoe store this will all stop!

This vandalism is really unfortunate. I hope that everyone can keep an eye/ear out for this kind of thing – ripping the mirrors off of a car doesn’t seem like a silent activity, I hope we can catch them next time.


Been here for nearly 30 years and I do believe the neighborhood is once again going down hill. We do not have a shoe store or a decent women’s clothing store or an all purpose children’s clothing store. I see lots of bars – but lots of closed stores. We also seem to have a very laid back police force in the 108th. Roosevelt Avenue, while it has some good stores, is a hell hole for the most part. And yes, we have had too many burglaries.


Sunnysid-ster, you’re basically the problem. You and your hipster mentality where it shows you really don’t give a shit about the neighborhood you only care about how much you make off it. The rents are high because people decided to start a campaign to throw a veneer over this neighborhood and claim how great it is.

15 away from the city, yeah right , can you fit in those trains in the morning? people have to wait 3 or 4 trains before fitting into one, there goes your 15 minutes.

Even the school isn’t great. Ps 150 was trying so hard to be this special school, it didn’t make the numbers after they spent 3 years unfairly pushing kids to unrealistic goals. Now its lost its premium status and doesn’t even have its own proper after school program.

Sunnyside isn’t thriving dumbass…it never was…ask anybody who has been here for some time. Nothing has changed and businesses are LEAVING. Do you think the quality of your neighbor is improving because the people moving in are paying more? I’ve never smelled more weed in my building than I do now…and these are the people paying 2000 for a 1 bed room.

this isn’t a “game’ it’s peoples livelihoods , so please don’t get your panties in a bunch when we, the people who have been in this neighborhood since we were kids call you on your bullshit attitude.


People are bashing Sunnyside because they have been priced out and it is just sour grapes with them now! A lot of these people were in Sunnyside long before it got really popular – but decided to stick with cheap rent….never got the finger out and bought a place!!
If a lot of these cry-babies had bought a place for significantly less 5-10 years ago – they’d be singing a different tune!! It is just sour grapes!! Should have..could have…would have….now it is all crying and whining!! Svjo and company – perhaps you moved out cos you could not afford the rents anymore…and are kicking yourself that you could have bought for a fraction of the price not so long ago!! Now it’s Boo-hoo, hipsters this…hipsters that!!! For the minority who bash Sunnyside – you can continue to convince yourself that you are right and the majority is wrong if it makes you feel better about yourself.
It’s a great neighborhood; there will always be mindless vandalism no matter where you live. Property value/rents are only worth as what people are willing to pay!! So Sunnyside must be doing something right!! People who own property are delighted with how our neighborhood is thriving!! Don’t hate the player..hate the game!!


Sunnyside has changed a bit over the years. too any drunk people staggering home on the weekends.why aren’t the pub owners being held responsible, what happened to the cut off point. and also this is only going to get worse at the weather heats up. 108 pct. take note more patrol is going to been needed between 50 to 38th. St 43rd. avenue to Queens blvd,


I have an idea. Everyone who complains and wants to leave Sunnyside – leave. The rest of you legs get together and try and solve the graffiti problem in the neighborhood. One person can make a difference. A whole lot of people can make a huge difference. I’m going to talk to Bill from Bill’s Liquoir Store and see how I can help him stop the graffiti. Contact me if you want to get involved with my projects.


Quality of life crimes matter. This neighborhood has had its ups and down and now it is on a downward slide – on both sides of the Boulevard.


This is nothing new and it doesn’t make the neighborhood bad because it happens everywhere. When my dad had a car and parked on the side streets in the gardens, we noticed about once every year cars along the whole street had their windows broken. The only difference is that nowadays with the internet, news flows more freely so more people will hear about the bad things that have always been happening but we just didn’t know about.

David I

I have a dash cam on my Mercedes that runs all night off of battery power… if one of you hoodlums touches my car, I’m not waiting for the 108th precinct for justice. You’ve been warned.


Sunnyside is a good community!
The increase in crime comes when
a community becomes more public
Our neighborhood was a sleepy
working class area, then it was in
the papers and BAM we were hot!
Now we have wine bars, Starbucks
and gastro pubs.


Stop hating on sunnyside, you guys sound like bitter people,
Sunnyside is a very safe neighborhood compered to brooklyn


Sunnyside has one of the best, the 108th Police Dept. This is terrible for the long-time Bill’s Liquor Store on 43rd Ave. and for the parked cars on 43rd Ave. Maybe the 108th should consider more security cameras be placed on 43rd Ave.? Cameras that really work. Perhaps there should be more police, beat officers at night when people are most likely to commit these types of crimes?


Been here 25 years. Will stay. Glad to see some of these cry babies leaving.


although moving out of sunnyside is costing me a lot in transportation … I am GLAD!!! we did.


I’m a patrol officer in sunnyside. While the cars were being damaged I was busy at the Wendy’s drive through. After I got my Wendy’s I parked in a bike lane, at my dinner, and played some candy crush on my iPhone. Then I starred at traffic for four hours before I went back to Wendy’s for a late night snack.


People are lucky they didn’t go around burning cars. Before people start flipping out that Sunnyside is going to hell, Many years ago there was someone going around torching cars on 43rd and Queens Blvd.


This sucks. Not only will it cost each car owner (probably someone who works very hard for each nickel) a few hundred dollars, it casts a pall over the entire neighborhood.


Sunnyside is not a good neighborhood. The whole thing is a scam… The realtors make you think Sunnyside is this amazing neighborhood so they get the business. The landlords charge double what it’s worth. I moved out as of March first. Best decision I made in a while.

Celtic Bark

The only cops I ever see on the local streets these days are the cast of Blue Bloods.

Maybe Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg can help us out.


I live right there, there are cameras on my building. Will 108 look at them, our just see what happens in the future.

Kramden's Delicious Marshall

Cops should be able to use the graffiti tag to identify the vandals.

Frank Daykin

It was a very noisy night, based on the amount of rowdy sound coming in my window. I’m a light sleeper, and this was between 4:30 and 5:30 am, on the savings time, not the old time. And I love way down 46 st, near Skillman.


This is horrible. I bet the 108th Pricent was too lazy to do anything about it. Plus there has to be more security cameras in place to prevent a similar incident from happening again.


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