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Van Bramer Wants Stricter Gun Control

Van Bramer (Photo: Office of JVB)

Oct. 12, 2012 By Christian Murray

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer is calling for stricter gun control laws following two recent shootings that occurred in the Queensbridge Houses, which is part of his district.

Van Bramer plans to introduce five resolutions before the New York City council that support gun-control legislation that was introduced in the state senate by Mike Gianaris in August. Gianaris represents Sunnyside, Woodside and surrounding areas.

Most resolutions are unenforceable. However, they are a mechanism for city council members to express their views on public policy issues and support bills like Gianaris’.

Van Bramer’s resolution, based on Gianaris’ legislation, calls for:

  • A 10 day waiting period for all firearm purchases
  • Limit gun purchases to one per month to curtail gun trafficking
  • Force every gun purchaser to take a safety course
  • Limit ammunition sales to locations that also sell firearms
  • Close loopholes as well as require background checks for all purchases of firearms, including private sales.

Van Bramer said the first shooting within the Queensbridge House complex occurred at the end of Sept. when a 15-year-old girl, who lived in the complex, was hit by a stray bullet that came through her apartment window while she was doing her homework.  The second occurred on Oct. 3 when a woman was shot in the leg.

“The violence must end,” Van Bramer said in a statement.

Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan said that she is a strong supporter of Mike Gianaris’ bill and Van Bramer’s resolutions. She said she has been working for similar restrictions in the assembly for years.  She said these bills often get stuck in the state senate.

Gianaris said recently that the rash of gun violence makes clear that it is time to toughen gun laws. “It is long past time to improve our gun laws and New York should lead the way,” Gianaris said.

Queensbridge Houses is the largest public housing development in North America. It is a 3,142-unit complex located in Long Island City.

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I ought to be a poster boy for more gun-control laws. My mother was a forty-four year old a (nobody) when she was shot to death Wednesday morning September 9, 1981, in Houston, Texas. She was waiting to clock into work with a group of co-workers that morning when she was gunned down in right in front of them. There was nothing anyone could have done to save her. Her attacker was the only one present who was armed. He emptied all six shots from his revolver were into her body. After she was shot and down on the ground he used his empty pistol like a rock and started to pistol-whip her. Neither mercy nor quarter was given. After his gun was empty and the pistol-whipping was going on her co-workers finally restrained her attacker and hold him for the police. She died about an hour later in the E.R. at Ben Taub Hospital. Pardon the graphic details I have had over thirty one years to live with facts-of-life that no one should have to live with. With what follows maybe being graphic will give a better understanding for what I have come to believe.

I suppose it is understood that a number of laws were broken that that morning. Murders often exercise “cruel an unusual” capital punishment on anyone anytime they please. It is open season on us all. We only hear of the bloodshed when they target a high profile (somebody) or (groups) especially if children are involved. For the forth estate the higher profile, the larger the group and especially with children all the better. Emotions will rule the day and logic be-damned!

The cost a typical murderer pays is small in comparison to their crime. Freedom from “Cruel an unusual punishment” is only a right reserved for the guilty. Their victims just die! It was many years later I learned my mother’s executioner had murdered before! So that it is clearly understood he was under a restraining order, he was a convicted felon, a convicted felon with a gun and a convicted felon with a gun committing murder again! Any one with half a brain knows these things are all against the law! Simply put neither laws nor the police protect anyone, but more on that latter. Six years in prison on average is the cost most murderers pay. A few years confinement on the taxpayer dime is the cost for so many innocent lives lost. A high profile victim a (somebody) or a (large group) may serve a little more time, maybe life, maybe! Occasionally some do get the needle or as it is now so often being called “cruel an unusual punishment”. This as opposed to the charity they showed their victims I suppose.

Murder victims never receive a jury trial, they have no rights to appeal; victims only have to die a painful and often brutal death! That morning my mom just thought she was just going to work. Instead she was just going to die! I don’t get to see her again, ever! No visits from friends and family like her murderer probably received. I just visit a stone in a graveyard and wonder what might have been if only… At that time we learned we couldn’t to be informed about his trial or his fate. It was against the law! It took the advent of the internet to finally learn a few meager details, most notably six years and out. Betty was a (nobody), but as “Momma” she was a (somebody) to me!

I’d finally had enough. I’m no doubt emotional about all of this. That doesn’t alter the logic one bit. For years I’ve watched celebrities and listened to empty talking heads and read countless articles and all agenda driven. Clueless but cunning people with a public platform I’ll never have. They all express the same stupid pap as this article. Big deal! Go right ahead, explain the logic of this mindless ideology to my mother, and shout it real loud. The dead don’t hear very well!

Lakis Velotris

Will Gainaris repudiate and referring to Greek Americans with the nazi term Expatriate Homogeneity?


Jimmy Van B. sure loves publicity! He should read the book, More Guns Less Crime (when law abiding citizens are allowed to defend themselves.) I guess we can all hide behind Van Bramer if we are ever robbed or mugged. Little Jimmy will protect us.


Ruben you’re right, those people in the projects are the real problem. Those people just want government handouts & obama phones.


With technology today why not create weapons that require finger prints to work? You see what happened to that urban criminal when he tried to use Judge Dredds gun? That makes FAR more sense than say..a 10 day waiting period as a solution. I mean..why not make it 15 ! or 16 days? why stop at 10?

besides, why count crime in the projects as part of the statistics. Those people should have their own statistics

Normandeau Newswire

“You politicians are taking us for idiots ?? make nice speeches and get your name & picture in the papers”

I agree.

If Jimmy Van Bramer was REALLY concerned about safety at Queensbridge Houses, he would kick NYCHA’s ass about their neglect of unlocked lobby doors and light outages that ensure the get-aways of criminals. Who or what is he afraid of? Bloomberg? Rhea?


“The violence must end,” Van Bramer said in a statement.

Indeed, Councilman. Couldn’t agree more.

The cops just shot and killed another innocent, unarmed man recently, an off-duty National Guardsman. Perhaps we should pass some new laws restricting the police from having guns too.

Ich bin ein Sunnysider


Some laws are unjust and/or stupid and even upstanding citizens find them oppressive. Prime example: prohibition. A monumentally absurd law that turned the average Joe who liked to have a beer on the weekend or a glass of wine with dinner or a cocktail in a nightclub, all into criminals. And in the meantime, gave the real criminals in organized crime a golden opportunity to make a fortune. Pure genius, no?

We even have laws that turn someone looking to open up a dance studio for kids into a law breaker. Maybe we should pay more attention to the law of unintended consequences as very often the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Bliss & Skillman

Back in the 70’s we had a saying “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.”

Can be taken 2 ways – No good guys will have them, only bad guys OR usually law-abiding citizens will keep their guns even if they are deemed illegal, thus making usually law-abiding citizens into criminals.


Please — are you going to restrict criminals that own guns ? background checks for illegally purchased firearms ? You politicians are taking us for idiots ?? make nice speeches and get your name & picture in the papers… ooooooo, looks he’s doing something – let’s re-eleects him — what a joke.

Oppressed Masses

Stricter gun control laws for places like New York City and to a lesser extent New York State are a meaningless exercise. New York City already has very restrictive gun control laws, among the tightest in the nation. Unless guns for non-police or non-military personnel are outlawed nationwide (something I would favor), there’s no point to enacting more restrictions that will be ignored with equal or greater frequency than existing laws. Rather, if our Council Representative wants to make a real dent in gun violence and violence against people generally, he should lead the effort to defeat the various City Council proposals intended to limit the police in the exercise of their work in preventing crimes, which proposals are generally known as anti-stop and frisk legislation. If the cops are not able to continue with stop and frisk as it is currently practiced, violent crime will undoubtedly increase. Whatever police abuses may be occurring can be addressed through means such as better training, or in extreme cases the court system. I have not heard Mr. Van Bramer take a position on any of the stop and frisk legislation under consideration in the City Council. but I do hope he keeps in mind the law abiding citizens of the Queensbridge Houses and the entire district when it comes time to vote.


I believe that while Councilman Van Bramer’s intentions are in the right place, it’s most likely all for naught!

I’ve lived in several parts of this country, Arizona, South Florida and New York City (born and raised in the latter). The problem exists in these three areas and then some.

While I recognize that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, I really find it hard to believe that any other weapon would cause as much violence as guns do. I don’t think that guy in the movie theater could’ve done as much damage as he did had he been brandishing a knife? We don’t ever hear about stray knives? Stray bats? Stray chains? Stray fists? Just sayin’!

Perhaps if gun and ammo sales were prohibited on the internet? Perhaps our borders, customs points and ports should be scrutinized at a better level? How about mandatory sentencing, like the drug laws? Random thoughts.


Pass all the laws you want. Violent criminals won’t obey them. Good way for politicians to get their names in the paper though.

Craic Dealer

Taking away the People’s last line of defense is an act of war. Out of my dead cold hands, Van Bramer!


What do the statistics say? How many of the killings were done with legally obtained guns? I am against gun bearing nuts as much as all of us, but i don’t think the legal guns are the problem..


For what legitimate purpose would one person want to buy one gun per month? Or am I just being too naive?

Marilyn S.


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