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Van Bramer Urges Verizon to Restore Service

47-25 40th St. (Photo: QueensPost)

Oct. 28, 2011 By Christian Murray

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer plans to shame Verizon into restoring its land-line service.

Since Hurricane Irene (August 28), several Sunnyside residents have been without land-line service. Despite outreach from Van Bramer’s office and calls from the individuals concerned, Verizon has failed to restore there service.

One man, in an e-mail to this outlet, wrote: “I was told that the problem would be fixed on October 10th and to stay home on that day.” However, no one showed up.

To make matters worse, the man has received two Verizon bills while his service has been out.

Many residents rely on their land-line service for emergencies, as well as the day-to-day phone service they should be able to expect, Van Bramer said.

A spokesperson for Verizon could not be reached.

Van Bramer plans to hold a press conference at 47-25 40th St., the location of an apartment complex that has had problems with its service. No date has been officially given for the event.

Van Bramer plans to bring greater attention to the issue.

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Amen! To quote the kid in The Shining, REDRUM, REDRUM. (read it backwards if you did not see the movie.)


Rodger_ The_Shrubber, mr, Sir. I love your wit your charm, your sense of humor. I am no smarter than alot of other people. But we care alot about our town. Like you and other including our post writer friend Raquel. Let have a happy and safe Halloween.


Anyone else notice that this is also one of the buildings recently targeted by theives? Not everyone has a cell phone, and it would be quite scary for someone living without a phone in this building.

I leave nearby and have heard my elderly neighbors mentioning lack of landline service. I hope this is handled.



People who compose sentences like “Let see how long it was take for phone service to return?” really shouldn’t cast doubts on how smart other people are.


I support Raquel! She is a tough strong lady surrounded by pygmies! Verizon stinks but there are many pressing issues in this neighborhood. The number 7 was particularly horrible during our snow storm. Why is Queens the forgotten borough? Why doesn’t Jimmy speak up for us? Raquel is right, and I know she is a military mom, so I salute her and her family. What is going on with this ‘hood?


Rodger_the_Shruber I thought you were alot smarter then that!! The phone may acturally work. I dig your sense of humor. Let see how long it was take for phone service to return? Go Bramer Go!!!!


As far as Brammer and the Verizon is concerned. I am glad he is fighting the phone company. We need help. That is his job. To help us. Expecially when we get no respect from Verizon. They do not want bad pr. so they will cooperate.


You guys are being rough on Raquel. /what happen to freedome of speech. We welcome Raquel comments here. She is a very special with her witty comments. Keepin in commin Raquel . I for one enjoyj your commments

L. Moore

It would make a lot more people in the neighborhood happy if Van Bramer arranged for Raquel’s building’s internet access to be cut off along with this building’s phone service being restored.


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