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Van Bramer to Approve 10 Story Northern Boulevard Project, Developer Agreed to Scale it Back

Northern Boulevard and 34th Avenue (Photo: QueensPost)

May 22, 2019 By Christian Murray

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer said that he is going to approve a rezoning application for a site on corner of Northern Boulevard and 34th Avenue since the developer has agreed to scale down their proposal.

AYC Properties, the real estate company behind the project, has been given the all-clear by Van Bramer to build a 10-story, 187-unit building at 47-15 34th Ave., a site that is currently home to Popeyes, a Sushi restaurant, a tire shop, a Kumon learning center and a house of worship.

The rezoning is currently undergoing the public review process, or ULURP, with the City Council being the only obstacle left that can block the application. Van Bramer said that with his clearance the council will vote in favor or the rezoning. The City Planning Commission approved it last month.

The developer initially filed plans to build a 14-story, 201-unit building, which included 61 affordable units. They applied for the property to be rezoned R7-X, with a C2-4 commercial overlay. The site is currently zoned C8-1, which does not permit residential use and building heights are limited to about two stories.

The initial plan was rejected by Community Board 1, an advisory body that deemed the project too big. Additionally, the board argued that the income levels proposed for the affordable units—to be set at 80 percent of the Adjusted Median Income ($85,360 for a family of four)—was too high.

Van Bramer said that he will approve the application since the developers have agreed to limit the building to 10 stories and 187 units. Furthermore, he said, they have pledged to offer about 40 units at 60 percent AMI ($64,020 for a family of four) and approximately 20 units at 80 percent of the AMI.

“The proposed plan at 34th Avenue…will produce meaningful affordable housing, most of which will be at 60 percent AMI,” Van Bramer said. “The current agreement provides deeper affordability than originally proposed. Furthermore, the developer has agreed to concessions to reduce the height of the buildings to 10 stories from the initial 14. Queens Community Board 1 sought a building no greater than 10 stories and we have achieved that here.”

Van Bramer said that residents at nearby Woodside Houses, including Tenant Association President Annie Cotton-Morris, backed the plan.

“Their feedback and approval is important to me,” Van Bramer said. He noted that there will be space dedicated to the local non profit Urban Upbound, which provides services for underserved adults and children, free of charge. Furthermore, the SEIU 32BJ supports the project.

The development will also include ground floor retail space and 77 off-street parking spaces.

An early rendering of the 47-15 34th Ave. development (CPC)

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Displaced Astorian

I lived in Astoria for four years. It needs more housing; the stock of available apartments is in disrepair and the neighborhood is starting to rival Manhattan in terms of prices. If you want to preserve the character of the parts of Astoria most of us know, you have to build more in the more blighted areas.

guy who likes development

Good, a lot of Northern Boulevard there and to the east could use some development. There’s no neighborhood character there to be preserved, so we may as well have new construction and more housing.

Get it while its hot!

Van Bramer, the real estate developer’s best used tool since 1969.

Jennifer Smith

DESPICABLE, what these real estate moguls are doing to Astoria. I have been going to this tire shop for many years, what happens to them. I love Popeyes they have to close people lose their jobs. It’s just not right. I love the olden days when Astoria was nothing but farm land being developed, but not like it is today with greedy people.

Pa Ingalls

Ehhh. Ok. I mean, places like Popeye’s usually bring less desirable along with them. Not only Popeye’s, they ruined the upper west side 105th street and west end Ave about 14 years ago with McDonald’s. It used to be a great neighborhood, really classy people. Then with McDonald’s came hoodlums who destroyed our property without even moving into the neighborhood!

Give it a Rest

“I loved Astoria before I was born” “I love Astoria so much I drive through it so I don’t have to get out and experience it” “I love Astoria so much, my favorite businesses there are a national chicken chain and a tire shop”


We need to sign a petition for a vote of no confidence in JVB. He continually betrays the constituency for his own gain.


Oh please! There is nothing on this street. This building will be a blessing. You NIMBYs just want to complain and complain without any reason and blaming politicians as “corrupt.” Give it a rest.


Mr. JVB is getting alot of money in his pockets as usual – a disgrace enough is enough of all of the building.


Why are we building less housing when we’re in the middle of a housing affordability crisis? Whey not force them to build as much affordable housing as possible? Make them build a 20 story, I don’t care, just build more housing.


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