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Van Bramer Takes Executive Position at Girl Scouts of Greater New York

Jimmy Van Bramer at the ribbon cutting ceremony in 2017 for Girl Scouts Troop 6000 at the Sleep Inn Hotel in Long Island City. The Girl Scouts of Greater New York announced Tuesday that it has appointed Van Bramer as its Chief Growth and Strategic Partnerships Officer (Photo: Office of former Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer)

Jan. 5, 2022 By Christian Murray

Jimmy Van Bramer, whose term in the city council ended Friday, started work Monday as a member of the executive team at the Girl Scouts of Greater New York.

“The Girl Scouts of Greater New York is thrilled to announce that Jimmy Van Bramer has joined our leadership team as Chief Growth and Strategic Partnerships Officer,” the non-profit said in a statement.

“In his new role, Van Bramer will support the organization’s efforts to continue expanding access to Girl Scouting and work towards our vision of a New York City in which every girl feels empowered to lead in her community, workplace, and the world,” the organization said.

Van Bramer, in an interview with the Queens Post Tuesday, said that he was “thrilled” to join the nonprofit.

“I have a long history with the organization,” he said. “My six sisters were all girl scouts…and when I was a council member I interacted with a lot of our local troops.”

He added: “I believe wholeheartedly in the organization’s mission. When this opportunity presented itself, I thought it was a perfect fit in every way. I wanted to do something that was still social justice oriented… such as fighting for equity for girls and young women at a great organization.”

Van Bramer said that he developed a close relationship with the nonprofit while in office, including with Meredith Maskara, the chief executive officer of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York who lives in Sunnyside.

The former council member played a central role in the formation of a troop for homeless girls, called Troop 6000.

The troop, which was launched in 2017, was formed after Girl Scouts from the Sunnyside/Woodside area served a Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter in Long Island City. Van Bramer, who was in attendance, suggested a troop for the girls at the shelter.

The troop got its 6000 name since each troop has a number that pertains to a New York City borough, with the 1000s in the Bronx, 2000 in Brooklyn, etc.

Van Bramer has taken on a broad role at the nonprofit. He said he aims to enhance the partnerships the organization has with the public and private sector, as well as bring in more resources through work with foundations.

The former council member built a number of relationships while he was in office that the Girl Scouts are likely to utilize.

Van Bramer was in office from 2010-2021. Prior to serving in the council, he was the chief external affairs officer for the Queens Public Library.

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LIC Direct

He’s buying time with this position created just for him at the Girl Scouts. He has his sights set for Kathy Nolan’s position in the State Assembly, as Nolan’s health is failing and she at some point will be stepping down. Alternatively he’s looking at AOC’s slot should she decide to challenge Kristin Gillibran for the US Senate. Soon he’ll announce formation of another exploratory committee, next election cycle November 2022 will be interesting. Can you believe that in certain circles he’s been mentioned as having aspirations to be governor of New York State. Wish him luck in all his endeavors. He will need all luck in the world to win another election for public office.

Never ends

Giselle Burgess is the founder of the homeless Girls Scout troop.

No mention of the money Bramer funneled to Girls Scouts.

Assembly Member Catherine Nolan got him into City Council by fighting the Queens Machine for him. JVanB spoke a month ago with Greg Meeks, boss of Queens Machine. VanBramer asked for Machine support if he ran for Nolan office she is still in.

Gardens Watcher

Hard to believe that. JVB has railed against “The Machine” for years lately And burnt his bridges to the party too. He wouldn’t want their endorsement in the first place, and won’t get the DSA’s either. This Sounds like a DSA-planted comment.

Nolan fought The Machine back in the day. JVB was a different candidate when he entered politics.


Constantinides resigned from Astoria city council to take a job as the Chief Executive Officer of the Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens. And now Jimmy Van Bramer started working as a member of the executive team at the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. I guess it pays to know and associate with people in high places.

There is stupid then there is Fox stupid

Jill – Don’t worry Republicans still have Fox News.

Bench warmer

What ??? Seriously, get a new line
And for your own good stop watching main stream media ,if it be CNN or Fox , neither will give it to you straight


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