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Van Bramer Snags No. 2 Spot in City Council

Councilman Van Bramer (Photo: Office for JVB)

Jan. 22, 2014 By Christian Murray

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer was appointed the majority leader of the City Council today.

Van Bramer, who represents Sunnyside, Woodside and Long Island City, was elected to the position—the second most important council spot — by Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito and his fellow council members today.

Van Bramer will continue his role as Chair of the Committee on Cultural Affairs and Libraries, and has been appointed Co-Chair of the Council’s Budget Negotiating Team.

“The council’s budget negotiating team is instrumental during the budget process in May in June,” Van Bramer said today, since “it goes through the budget line by line and sets priorities.”

As majority leader, Van Bramer will serve as an adviser to the speaker and a bridge between the speaker and members. As Majority leader, he will be an ex officio member on all committees.

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JVB said on NY1 that he would donate the $20k to charity as he has done in the past with the $10k.

Now, obviously one could ask if it wouldn’t be easier to neglect the stipend and give it back to taxpayers. Ms. Crowley however just said she’s taking the money for the work she’s doing.

He endorsed Quinn (yuck) for his reasons. But also, if she had become mayor (double yuck) he may have been able to run for speaker. So he got on the bandwagon late but then joined the Viverito wagon early, breaking with Crowley and now getting the #2 spot. Not a bad thing for him. He’s smart and ambitious and shows up everywhere, has good staff. He may run for speaker in 4 years if the political landscape stays the same.


Jimmy had his nose so far up Quinn’s butt he was smelling Bloomberg’s butt! So glad she is gone.


“It has always been my goal to play a meaningful leadership role in this new, Progressive Council. The opportunity to serve in the second highest position in the Council… is one I relish and am truly humbled by,” Mr. Van Bramer said. I guess in the world of Queens Democratic politics, the period of “always” starts when Mr. De Blasio won the mayoral primary in September 2013 and doesn’t include the time when Mr. Van Bramer was an ardent supporter of Christine Quinn.


Majority leader is a position in the political party, not in the city council – there is no extra pay for it. There are 3 council members in the minority (Republicans) and 48 in the majority. It’s just like in Congress. You have a Speaker of the House, majority leader, and minority leader.


It is an honor for Mr. Van Bramer to be recognized by his colleagues, but as a practical matter are there any Council members in the minority party and how is the Majority leader distinguished from the President of the City Council? Said differently, is there really a need for all these paid and compensated positions in the City Council?


This is what he got for turning on Crowley and supporting Viverito over Garodnik. I heard that it was going to be chair of the finance committee. I guess he did not get that.


Congratulations Jimmy, hope you did not sell your constitituents,neighbors,and heritage down the river for that, we will see shortly i guess.


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