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Van Bramer Seeks Public Input iInto Noonan Playground’s Redesign

Oct. 1, 2011 By Christian Murray

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer is holding a community meeting on Monday, Oct. 3, where the public is invited to put forward their input into the redesign of Noonan Park’s Playground in Sunnyside.

Van Bramer secured $600,000 earlier this year for the redesign of the playground.  In an effort to increase transparency and gather ideas as to how best modify it, Van Bramer will be the first elected official to ask the community for their vision for the design of a public space.

Starting October 3rd and running through October 31st, there will be suggestion boxes placed in the Sunnyside Library and Van Bramer’s District Office (47-01 Queens Blvd., Suite 205) where the community can fill out suggestion forms and voice their ideas for the new Noonan Playground.  Van Bramer’s office will also be receiving suggestions by phone and email.

At the kick-off event, the students of PS 199 kids will be there to share their suggestions by drawing and writing their ideas for the perfect playground.

WHO: Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, PS 199 students, CB2
WHAT: Van Bramer seeks input for Noonan Playground redesign.
WHEN: Monday, October 3rd at 10:00 A.M.
WHERE: Noonan Park (43rd Street and Greenpoint Avenue)

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I am not anti-dog but their owners have pushed me to a point that I am less-than-hospitable towards the idea of a dog run. I feel for these animals and they deserve a place to be able to exercise, but there is so much dog waste on our sidewalks that it’s just disgusting. Eventually, society will become less and less dog-friendly and dog-tolerant will become the norm.

Mike Novak

Lets use some of that cash to enforce the Pooper Scooper Laws! Lazy, arrogant dog owners run amok in Sunnyside as they fail to pick up their priceless pup’s poop! 46th street between 39th Ave and Skillman Ave is the de facto dog run as all the canine lovers parade their pets down from the apartment buildings on 46th street between Skillman and Queens Blvd to allow them to defecate all over the sidewalks and even on peoples front gardens! Every day, I have to smell dog poop, look at dog poop, avoid stepping in dog poop and even CLEAN THE GODDAM STUFF UP….AND I DO NOT HAVE A DOG!!! Lets get some “quality of life” police officers down here and start handing out tickets to these lawbreakers who refuse to let their mutts defecate in front of their own apartments!!!


Disagree that any part of this park should be made a dog run. With so little green space in Sunnyside this park should be redesigned for on,y humans and with only our children in mind. I love dogs, but the children who are the future of Sunnyside deserve full consideration and the maximum benefit of the $600,000. Dogs don’t pay taxes, but children will.


With the $600,000 secured for the park you can hire permanent security to be there and chase the gambling, drunking, tree pissers away. That in and of itself will improve the park significantly so that families could start using it.

dorothy neary

Although this blurb is not solving the Noonan park set up, I want to send a note re His father. There was a group of us in the Laurel Hill area that were good friends, including Tommy..

I was looking over pictures from long ago and saw I had one of Thomas Patrick Noonan at about age 19. Ironically he is sitting on a park bench in Thomson Hill!!. (the area in which the park is situated.)

If you are interested I will get it to you

Dorothy Crimmins Neary
15 year Secretary United Forties Civic Assn.
51-65 48 Street
Woodside NY 11377-7333

[email protected]


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