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Van Bramer Releases Borough Presidency Campaign Video

Jimmy Van Bramer (Facebook)

Oct. 22, 2019. By Shane O’Brien 

Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer has released a campaign video as the race for Queens Borough President begins to heat up.

Van Bramer posted a video to his Facebook and Twitter accounts Tuesday which chronicled his struggles growing up gay.

He likened U.S. President Donald Trump and the “Queens County Democratic machine” to the bullies he faced as a teen and said that he would stand up to racist policies that target the diverse communities of Queens.

Van Bramer said that many people in Queens had been staring into an abyss since Trump was elected, but that he had organized communities to resist and stand up for Queens’ values.

The Council Member announced that he was running for Borough President in April. Several other candidates are also vying for the position.

Council Members Costa Constantinides and Donovan Richards have announced they are running as well as Assembly Member Alicia Hyndman and former Council Member Elizabeth Crowley.

Other contenders are likely to come forward.

The seat is likely to be vacated by current Borough President Melinda Katz in January. She is running to be the next Queens District Attorney and is expected to cruise to victory in the November general election.

The city will hold a special election for Queens Borough President within 45 days of Katz’s vacancy.

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Say “No” to JVB, he’s done Nothing good for our Community. Always Showing off & Grandstanding.
And Now again playing the Victim, about being Bullied as a Gay Teenager. Oh… please get over it.
We were all Bullied as Youngsters. Gay or Not.
And how the Heck did he get a Third Term as Councilman. I didn’t vote for him and don’t know anyone who did?
Everyone in his Staff are lazy do Nothings.
You go to his office with a real Municipal Problem and they give you a Yes, Yes answer, but Never follow through. And if you try to Express the Seriousness of the issue, they Hang-up the Phone on you.
Very unprofessional. Are these the Values he’s talking about?? We certainly don’t need him in the Brought President’s office with that Staff.
Let’s send Little Jimmy back to Stacking Books at the Queens Library, that’s if he can get his old job back?


Van Bramer better than another Crowley
party machine led by Joe Crowley attorneys trying to get cousin Elizabeth in as Borough prez to be their puppet.
greedy Crowleys never give up!


Fire job killer Jimmy!

JVB must go! He is a quintessential candidate, you can tell he is lying only when his lips are moving.

Gardens Watcher

Add to that list: the primary will be in February — always a good chance of a snowstorm. From the current list of candidates, there’s not a clear winner.


The minute he started supporting the Junior Varsity Communist League, first with the soon-to-be-a barmaid-again idiot, I gave up on him.

I wish I could cancel your membership...

Jimmy, I so wish I could cancel your membership and take your card back! Enough already!


I wonder if Van Bramer pays an army of bots to like/dislike these comments, because these numbers are crazy.

Who keep posting all the hashtags?

The third time was totally worth it lmao

They’re just calling JVB names lol. Maybe they got a hold of their parents’ laptop?

Enough of JVB

No more JVB and his identity politics. He uses identity politics because he has nothing else to run on. He has no judgement, endorsed Cynthia Nixon for Governor, like she had a chance. And Tiffany Caban for District Attorney, another one with her identity politics. He would be as good a Borough President as Donald Trump is as President. You would think, considering how big it is, that New York would have some outstanding politicians, but no, who we have are Doofus DeLazyio, Traitor Trump and Weak Little JVB.

No to JVB

JVB tries to be all things to all people. He plays the gay card when it suits his purposes. He’ll make Trump an issue because he doesn’t have a real record to run on. He is without substance, and goes which ever way the “woke” wind is blowing. What are his accomplishments? He found thumbtacks in the bike lane? He found a single anti-immigrant poster? (funny there was only 1 poster and he found it) He hasn’t created any jobs. But he was responsible for killing at least 20,000 well paying jobs with Amazon, and an additional 10,000 indirect jobs that would have been created. The one thing he is good at is having his little cohort give thumbs down to the negative comments that appear on this post in order to make it appear as if more people are actually for him then there really are.

Say No To Kew Gardens Jail

Is this comment stream just one simple minded obsessive idiot posting with various posting id’s? The writing styles are almost all identical.


Those who support candidates like Jimmy Van Bramer (who are typically young, white and working) will take the time and go out and vote. Where as the majority of registered voters will not. Either because they do not care, are to busy, do not follow politics, or feel that there vote does not matter. This how people like AOC got into office.


Growing up, myself and my friends were bullied by the older kids in the neighborhood. Not at all fun.
Sometimes life is tough.
To JVB: You have to learn to get over it.


On the count of three: blame Trump, blame Fox News
Guess what, Jimmy: Trump and Fox are not running for borough president!


Jimmy will never, ever admit that he did anything wrong. His name will live in infamy among the sell-outs of Queens.


“staring into the abyss” – he means that he is staring into the abyss since even the Queens Library does not want him shelving books! It’s all identity politics for Van Bramer who has stabbed his neighbors in the back. “Queens values” – what would Little Jimmy know about people who work hard, pay taxes and attend religious services? He has total contempt for them.


Never protested when Obama started caging the kids, No march or protests, Were was the so called Queens Values then.


You’re an organizer? You stood up to the Queens Democratic machine? You went after real estate developers? Please. You rode the Democratic machine for years. You were one of them. Then you did what you do, you flipped and flopped until you found the position that best suited your needs. How long did it take you to return that money? How many times did you have to get called out? I wouldn’t let you organize a stamp collection.

No Socialist need apply

And true to form- he is running on bashing Trump. And whats this about “being gay” though that was cool these days.piece of advice Van bramer, run on what you are going to do for the borough of Queens, maybe even talk about reversing the damage you have already done


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